Sticky Lou is a Mouse NPC and a shopkeeper toon residing in Blue Glue (Direct 2 You) on Loopy Lane in Toontown Central. Sticky Lou is also an NPC that you might have to rescue in the Sellbot VP Battle (Therefore, he is a SOS Toon). Completing the battle and rescuing him will give you his SOS Card, which is a 4-star Toons Hit SOS.


  • Visit Sticky Lou (Blue Glue Direct 2 You, Loopy Lane)
  • Recover Some Oil from Sellbots (Anywhere)
  • Return To Sticky Lou
  • Recover some Grease from Lawbots (Anywhere)
  • Return to Sticky Lou
  • Recover Water from Cashbots (Anywhere)
  • Return to Sticky Lou.

Reward: 3+ Laff

SOS ToonEdit

Sticky Lou is also an SOS Toon. He is a 4-star Toons Hit. When called upon, he will use his Pixie Dust to all toons, making toons hit cogs no matter what accuracy it is.

This SOS will last 1 Round.


  • All Toons hit SOS Toons have a Toon Name with a word starts with "S" (The other SOS Toons being Soggy Bottom and Soggy Neil).
  • Many users have recreated Sticky, with the name - Stickylou.