Stefanie is a character of Mighty Med. She is portrayed by Brooke Sorenson.


Stefanie is a very popular student at the main school. Kaz previously had a crush on Stefanie but she proved to be a big jerk. He then oxymoronically stated that he would only date her because she looked pretty.


Stefanie is a popular girl that liked Kaz because she thought that her girlfriend was rich. She was going to date Kaz and breakup with him on his birthday. Oliver once saved her pomeranian's life and she bought him new clothes as a thank you present. However, the next day, even though she lives next door to Oliver she couldn't remember him.


  • Kaz has a crush on her.
  • She went to the school carnival.
  • She was going to breakup with Kaz on his birthday.
  • She has a pomeranian which she brings to school.
  • She is Oliver's next door neighbor.
  • She is in a band.