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The Steel Spider (real name Oliver "Ollie" Osnick) is Boston's trademark superhero and former super-villain.


Ultimate Spider-Man

"Oliver "Ollie" Osnick is a very intelligent kid of Boston,Massachusetts, who is huge fan of Spider-Man and super-heroes stuff.


Ollie Osnick

At some point, he was able to convince the Mayor to call Spider-Man to became Boston's official vigilante, building for him a lair, gadgets and vehicles. He intended to became his loyal side-kick, Webbie, but Spider-Man denied him this, fearing for Ollie to be in danger, because of his lack of powers.

Ollie quickly grew in anger for Spider-Man. He freed a few days later three low-range costumed criminals captured by the Webslinger, enhanced them with his tech, and led them in a team dubbed the Boston Terroriers against Spider-Man.

He finally captured his idol, he revealed himself, and Spider-Man apologize but accidentally revealed the fact that J.J. Jameson offered 10 millions dollars for his unmasking, leading the three criminals to attack them. With knowledge from Oliver, Spider-Man uses the knowledge from Oliver about where the shut-off switches for the armors are. As Steel Spider helps Spider-Man to fight Plymouth Rocket, Salem's Witch, and Smash Adams, they work to get the shut-off switch on the armors. Afterwards, Steel Spider decides to become the superhero of Boston while Spider-Man heads back to New York.