"Stay Awake" is a song featured in Disney's 1964 film, Mary Poppins. It is sung by Mary Poppins. The song is reportedly the only one of the two songs in the film (the other being "Feed the Birds") that original author P.L. Travers liked. This song is sung when Mary Poppins is trying to get Jane and Michael to go to sleep. In 2013, a re-performance of this song was contributed by Hayley Westenra.


Stay awake
Don't rest your head
Don't lie down upon your bed
While the moon drifts in the skies
Stay awake
Don't close your eyes

Though the world is fast asleep
Though your pillow's soft and deep
You're not sleepy as you seem
Stay awake, don't nod and dream
Stay awake, don't nod and dream

Other Versions

Performer(s) Title(s) Translations(s) Language
Elizabeth Hartzersdorf Brazilian Portuguese
Teresa María "Espera despierto" Castilian Spanish
Drahomíra Kočová ? ? Czech
Louise Fribo Danish
Joke de Kruijf Dutch
Marjo-Riitta "Marjorie" Nieminen Finnish
Éliane Thibault "Ne dormez pas" French
Monika Dahlberg "Bleibt schön wach und schlaft nicht ein" German
נינט טייב (Ninet Tayeb) Hebrew
Tina Centi "Stiamo svegli" Italian
伊東恵里 (Eri Itō) Japanese
Vicky Córdova "No hay que dormir" Latin Spanish
Jannike Kruse Norwegian
Joanna Węgrzynowska "Nie chcesz spać" Polish
Ирина Линдт (Irina Lindt) Russian
Myrra Malmberg "Håll er vakna" Swedish


  • This, along with "Feed the Birds", were the only songs from Mary Poppins that P.L. Travers liked. In fact, the song was almost cut from the film, but Mrs. Travers insisted it stay, because it was exactly a song that Mary Poppins would sing.

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