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Stanley Yelnats
Stanley Yelnats IV
Background information
Feature films Holes
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by Shia LaBeouf
Portrayed by
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names "Caveman"
Personality Innocent, friendly, responsible, caring, selfless
Appearance Orange jumpsuit, fair skin, brown hair
Occupation Camper at Camp Green Lake (Formerly)
Alignment Good
Goal To escape Camp Green Lake (Succeeded)
To find his hidden treasure (Succeeded)
Relatives Stanley Yelnats III (father)
Stanley Yelnats II (grandfather)
Stanley Yelnats I (great grandfather)
Elya Yelnats (great-great grandfather)
Tiffany Yelnats (mother)
Allies Hector Zeroni, X-Ray, Magnet, Zigzag, Squid, Armpit, Dr. Pendanski (formerly)
Enemies Warden Walker, Mr. Sir, Dr. Pendanski
Likes Sploosh, onions
Dislikes His family's curse
Powers and abilities
Weapons Shovel
Fate Escapes Camp Green Lake with Hector Zeroni
Quote "Well, I've never been to camp before..."

Stanley "Caveman" Yelnats IV is the protagonist of the 2003 live-action film, Holes.



"Stanley" is "Yelnats" spelled backwards, and because of this, many members of the Yelnats family have been named Stanley, including Stanley's father and grandfather. Stanley is a good-hearted teenager born to a luckless family who have been cursed for years. He is a very responsible, nice, caring teenager. It is revealed that he cares about Zero. He is the luckiest of the Yelnats descendants.

After being tried and 'proven' guilty of stealing Clyde "Sweetfeet" Livingston's shoes, he was sent to Camp Green Lake, a detention camp in Texas run by Warden Walker.


  • (In the Court Room) "Well, I've never been to camp before..."


  • His last name is his first name backwards.


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