Stanley Griff is an imaginative young boy. He is the titular protagonist of the 2001 animated television program Stanley. He has several pets: a goldfish named Dennis, a dog named Harry, and a cat named Elsie. He has an older brother named Lionel, who enjoys playing his electric guitar, a father who stays at home and draws cartoons, and a mother who is a dentist.


Powers and Abilities

Whenever Stanley enters his book, he transforms into any animal he can change into with an amazing skill and ability. Even though he can speak to animals, the animals rarely talk back, the general exception being his pets Harry, Elsie and Dennis, with whom he converses freely.

Disney Parks

Stanley appeared as a meetable character during the time of the show's release, but has since retired.

Stanley appeared in the stage show Playhouse Disney: Live on Stage, but was removed in 2008 during the re-imagining of the show.


  • It is shown in the episode "Look Who's Helping" that Stanley has a cousin named Max, who owns a Golden Retriever named Molly, but it is unknown which of Max's parents is related to which of Stanley's.
  • It is also shown in the movie Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up that he has a great-uncle named Stew, who owns a dude ranch.
  • In an early bumper for Playhouse Disney, Stanley had 4 fingers on each hand and eyebrows.
  • Just like Doug Funnie (the star of another Jim Jinkins production), he has a few strands of hair on his head.
  • Stanley is one of fewer male characters in the series to be voiced by a female, counting a friend of his named Lester.