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Stanley (Cars)
Background information
Feature films Cars
Cars 2
Television programs
Video games
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice John Michael Higgins (in Time Travel Mater)
Performance model
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Occupation Departed town patriarch
Radiator cap salesman
Home Radiator Springs
Relatives Lizzie (wife)
Powers and abilities

Stanley is the departed town patriarch and radiator cap salesman of Radiator Springs who is also the deceased husband of Lizzie. He is depicted in the film Cars in the form of a bronze statue that stands at the end of Main Street, in front of the Town courthouse and the Radiator Springs Fire Department. The statue appears to be black, with water coming out from the pedestal. In Time Travel Mater, he was voiced by John Michael Higgins.


The statue of Stanley marks the very spot where Radiator Springs was founded. As he was traveling west searching for a place to settle and make his fortune, Stanley stumbled upon a natural spring coming up from the earth. He stopped to fill his radiator and never left. Soon afterward Stanley met Lizzie, the love of his life, and together they founded Radiator Springs, which soon became a legendary resting spot for travelers making their way across Route 66.

Cars 2

At the end of Cars 2, Mater passed the statue with his rockets, causing the statue to spin around, but it landed on its original spot.


  • A vehicle similar to Stanley is featured in the Pixar short "Boundin".
  • Stanley resembles a steam car made by the Stanley Motor Carriage Company, the Stanley Steamer.
  • Stanley is seen in a painting in the Town Courthouse & the Radiator Springs Fire Department.
  • Stanley is also seen in Heavy Metal Mater when Dex rolls out of the room; he is seen at the end of the hall.
  • In "Time Travel Mater", it is shown how he and Lizzie first met each other and got married.
  • Stanley's business from Time Travel Mater appears in the queue for Radiator Springs Racers as both a water tower and a radiator fountain.
  • Stanley worked as a radiator cap salesman at Stanley's Oasis which was a radiator water filling station and radiator cap replacement station in the original Radiator Springs.
  • Stanley appears as a statue in Cars Land. You can find him by looking in front of the garage of the Radiator Springs Fire Department and the Town Courthouse. You can't miss him!



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