Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up is a 2005 direct-to-DVD animated adventure children's film directed by Jeff Buckland and produced by Playhouse Disney and Cartoon Pizza. It is a feature-film for the animated television series Stanley. This film is notable for being the final film role of actor John Ritter who lends his voice to Great Uncle Stew; Ritter died shortly after recording his lines in September 2003 from aortic dissection, two years before the film's release. The film is dedicated in his memory.


Stanley goes with his family and friends to his great uncle's dude ranch. The local land baron is trying to buy the ranch and make it a parking lot for his nearby amusement park. The only way Uncle Stew thinks he can get any money to save his ranch is to find other dinosaur bones to attract customers. Stanley and his friends help in the search.


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