Stanisław Sojka (born April 26, 1959 in Żory, Upper Silesia), also known as Stanisław Soyka, is a Polish jazz and pop singer, pianist and composer.

He started performing in public as a soprano singer in the Gliwice Cathedral Choir, when he was seven years old. In the same time he also was a violin student of the second grade at the State Musical School in Gliwice. His musical education was continued at the Music High School in Katowice and completed with master's degree in arrangement and composing from the Akademia Muzyczna im. K. Szymanowskiego w Katowicach.

In 1995 Soyka decided to compose music for poetry and record his first album with poetic music. He chose William Shakespeare's sonnets, translated into Polish. The album Sonety Shakespeare was released in 1995 and his English version Soyka Sings Shakespeare's Sonnets four years later. Soyka gave its Polish version as a gift to Queen Elizabeth II, during her 1996 visit to Poland. In 2003 he composed music for a poem "Roman Tryptich" written by Pope John Paul II and recorded the album Tryptyk rzymski. He presented these songs live in front of the Pope in the Vatican. In 2001 Soyka recorded one more religious album in his career, Polskie pieśni wielkopostne with forgotten Polish Lenten songs. But Soyka didn't forget about pop music and between those albums released Nr 17 in 1998, Soykanova in 2002 and album with covers Soyka Sings Love Songs in 2004. In 2007 he formed his new band Soyka Sextet Plus. In 2008 Soyka recorded as a guest artist two songs with rapper Gorzki, including one with Bizarre from D12 and one reggae song with composer and producer Krakowski. Soyka's first studio album in five years, Studio Wąchock, was released in October 2009.

Soyka earned two Polish music industry awards Fryderyk Awards: as "Best Male Vocalist" of 1994 (on the first ceremony) and for the "Best Poetic Music Album" of 2003.

He singing a songs to Toy Story series.

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