Ssoso is a character from the animated series, Pucca. He is a young Buddhist monk who is very calm and collected, often speaking in proverbs and wise sayings. He practiced martial arts many years in a Shaolin temple, but left there to seek better martial art skills. He is a martial arts rival to Abyo. He is always shy and says things that don't make sense.

In the episode "Peace Out", he demonstrates that he has a temple of peace that also is his house but, at the end of the episode, Abyo destroyed the temple and Ssoso for the first time gets very mad (because in episode "Flower Power", he gets a little mad with Abyo), and he opens his eyes.


Ssoso is a very intelligent and very calm boy, but is sometimes boring. He is bald and his clothes are orange. His eyes are always closed, except once in the episode "Peace Out" when he opened them after Abyo destroyed his temple.