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Roger Marcel (a.k.a. Spydah) is a character and antagonist from A.T.O.M..


Spydah is a minion of Paine who broke out of jail with him. He can create insect-themed machines which he treats as his pets. He wears a helmet equipped with six mini-cameras with night vision and infra-red capabilities. His eight detachable mechanical arms provide him with strength, dexterity, and climbing ability. He is also Paine's tech expert building or retooling machine's for Paine's plans.

Spydah helped to break Paine out of prison and is very loyal to him. He has fought all the members of the Alpha Teens but usually fights Lioness. In most of these confrontations he was usually beaten.

At the end of season one, he was defeated by Lioness, King, Shark and Hawk and then arrested with Paine after they failed to destroy Axel and the team's base. He has since appeared in season two, teamed up with Magness and D-Zel.

Spydah wants Paine to respect him, however, he has been a victim of Paine's insults and pain touch powers more often than not. He also thinks little of Flesh, who he considers is big and stupid, even before his accident.

Spydah's design and concept are possibly inspired by Marvel Comics villain Doctor Octopus.