Spot is the main character of the series created by Eric Hill. Internationally, episodes of Spot were aired in the United States on The Disney Channel as a segment on the program Lunch Box from the late 1980s into the 1990s. Note that all of these spin-offs are readily available on video and/or DVD and/or VideoCD.

Spot's Musical Adventures (2000)

Spot's Musical Adventures, very similar to The Adventures of Spot, aired between 25 October and 10 November 2000. Like The Adventures of Spot, this series consisted of thirteen episodes, each with a short song in them. The format of the series reverted to the narration format used prior to the specials. These episodes, however, were not voiced or narrated by Paul Nicholas; instead, comedienne Jane Horrocks was given the role of the narration and voices of these episodes. Music was composed by Duncan Lamont with KiCK Productions and the songs are performed by Dan Russell. The U.S. release of the episodes (revoiced and released as Discover Spot by Disney) also feature live-action segments.


  • "Spot's Show" (25 October 2000)
  • "Spot's Treehouse" (26 October 2000)
  • "Spot's Breakfast" (27 October 2000)
  • "Spot's Horse" (released in the U.S. as "Spot's Hobby Horse") (30 October 2000)
  • "Spot's Grandpa" (31 October 2000)
  • "Spot's Umbrella" (1 November 2000)
  • "Spot's Band" (2 November 2000)
  • "Spot's Bath" (3 November 2000)
  • "Spot's Tent" (6 November 2000)
  • "Spot Tidies Up" (released in the U.S. as "Spot Cleans Up") (7 November 2000)
  • "Spot Helps Grandma" (8 November 2000)
  • "Spot's School Trip" (9 November 2000)
  • "Hide and Seek" (released in the U.S. as "Spot Plays Hide and Seek") (10 November 2000)

Back commits

After Spot's Musical Adventures first aired, the following interesting modifications were made to the show:

  • Live-action segments were added to Disney's U.S. releases of The Adventures of Spot and the specials, and then to the U.K. releases of The Adventures of Spot and the specials. It will come as no surprise if these are added to the upcoming re-release of the It's Fun to Learn With Spot episodes.


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