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"Split Decisions" is the fifty-sixth episode of Mickey Mouse. It premieres on June 12, 2016.


Mickey is forced to wrangle two very different Donalds after Professor Von Drake'™s latest invention splits him in half.


Voice cast:


  • The music featured during the title card is reused from "Down the Hatch".
  • This is the fourth episode of this series to be 7 minutes in length, the first being "Potatoland", the second being "Wonders of the Deep", and the third being "Ku'u Lei Melody".
    • This is first episode where Goofy was absent in longer stories. The previous three episodes featured Mickey, Donald, and Goofy as a trio.
  • Donald sings part of the "Mickey Mouse Club March" reprise in the episode.
  • A Hidden Mickey head can be seen on one of Ludwig Von Drake's consoles, when he puts the two Donald's together again.
  • The original airdate for this episode was for June 12, 2016. However, it was released on June 9, 2016 to tie in with Donald's birthday.


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