"'Splashdance" is the first track on the 1983 album Mickey Mouse Splashdance.

The song was used as a DTV music video in the 1980s, using clips from Bee at the Beach, Old King Cole, Aquamania, Tugboat Mickey, Hawaiian Holiday, Hooked Bear, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beach Picnic, The Whale Who Wanted To Sing At the Met segment from Make Mine Music, Mickey and the Seal, Donald's Dog Laundry, Bath Day, The Big Wash, Donald's Off Day and How to Swim.


Donald Duck:1-2-1-2-3-4
Mickey Mouse: Hey! Let's Splashdance!
Goofy: Okey-dokey

I wanna stomp through the puddles
Crash into the sea
Tug my head in the bubbles
Get water all over me

Down like a sub, rise like a whale
Flap my flippers like a big fish tail
Belly flop off the boardroom bed
Anything as long as it's wet

I wanna skip through the sprinklers
On a sunny day
Can't wait for the clouds to burst
When the sky turns gray

Jump in the lake, slide in the rain
When I'm dry start all over again
Surf on a board, sailin' the wind
Let's get soaked to the skin

Come on and splash splash splash
In the rainy streets
Splash splash splash
No, it can't be beat
Splash splash splash
Everybody get wet

My fingers wrinkle
So do my toes
My teeth chatter when the cold wind blows
But I need water everyday
I even take a bath if it's the only way

I can splash splash splash
It's a lotta fun
Splash splash splash
Come on everyone
Splash splash splash

Come on and splash splash splash
Splash dancin
Splash Splash Splash
Flash dancin
Splash Splash Splash
Everybody get wet