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The Spirit of Adventure is Charles Muntz's famed dirigible featured in the 2009 Disney/Pixar film Up.


Muntz traveled the world in this airship, and has used it to collect various things he found along the way. The giant ship has several chambers, including a dining room, a hall of animal skeletons, and the bridge. The bones of a large bird (the species Kevin is) can also be seen in the airship, including all the helmets of fallen adventurers he has knocked off and stored inside. the airship also has a hangar to carry small biplanes.

The Spirit is described during the news reel shown at the start of Up as "longer than 22 prohibition paddy wagons." The average police wagon of the prohibition era was approximately 25 feet long, making the spirits length greater than 550 feet with a possible hull diameter (width) of about 100 feet.


The Spirit's design is based largely on the German airship LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin, but with 8 engines on her hull that can be pivoted forwards and backwards, similar to the USS Macon's vectored thrust engines. The airship's aircraft carrying hull is based on those of the ZRS airships used by the US Navy, the USS Akron and USS Macon, and the large hooks on the upper wings of the biplanes it launched suggest similar hangar incorporation to these two ships. It could also be said that the airship are based on one of Goodyear-Zeppelin's later concept designs, the ZRCV, which was to have an elongated gondola as with the Spirit.


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