Spink was a character that was present in an early draft for Cinderella.

Role in the film

Spink was Prince Charming's valet. He made his first appearance hunting with his master. Later, after receiving news of the ball from the King, he went out to deliver the invitations with the royal heralds. On the night of the ball, Spink fell in love with Cinderella's pet turtle Clarissa, whom the Fairy Godmother had turned human so that she could accompany her mistress. Upon seeing that Cinderella was leaving, Spink chased her down the palace steps, only for him to trip and fall into a reflecting pool.

The next day, Spink went from house to house, searching for the owner of the glass slipper. When he reached the chateau, Drizella nearly succeeded in cramming the slipper onto her foot. However, the mice quickly stole it from her. At this, Spink chased after the mice who led him down to the cellar where Cinderella had been locked up.