Spike and Dimitri are twins in Meet the Robinsons. Though referred to as "Uncles", it is unknown if they're actually related to anyone within the house.


Spike and Dimitri are incredibly competitive over who will ring their doorbell. Though they aren't seen in full in the film, a Disney Adventures comic shows that they in fact are merely squatting inside the planters for reasons unknown. In the Meet the Robinsons video game, they randomly scream when passing by one of their planters, again for reasons unknown.

Meet the Robinsons

Spike and Dimitri play a very small role in the movie, appearing only when Lewis and DOR-15 tried to enter the Robinson Mansion by way of the front door. As stated before, they compete for doorbell rings. Dimitri wins both, though Spike insists this is only by a technicality. They also appear briefly when Bud introduces the duo to Lewis.


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