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Spell book

Cedric's Spellbook.

Spells and magic, potions, and other magic and items that were mentioned throughout the Sofia the First movies, series, and games.

Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

  • Flower Shower: Mohit Flora

'Mohit' means 'Charming', 'Happy' or 'Happiness' in Hindi.

  • The Sleeping Spell: Somnibus Populi Celae
  • The Awakening Spell: Populi Celae Excitate

The word 'Populi' is a plural word for 'Populus', meaning 'People' in Latin. 'Somnibus' means 'Dream' in Latin.

Sofia the First: The Floating Palace

  • Oona's Comb
  • Trident (Queen Emmaline)
  • To turn into sea creatures: Earth to water, Land to sea, Octoscelam maritee
  • To revert back from being sea creatures: Water to air, Sea to land, Turn us back to bird and man

The only sad part about this spell is that Cedric still has a tail after he tried to revert back into a human, though he got rid of it afterwards/before Amber and James' birthday.

  • To make items vanish or disappear: Vanitzo Wayfaria
  • The successful spell that Cedric used to take Oona's Comb: Eclipso Fatto, Break the charm and float into my waiting arms
  • Other spells that Cedric attempted to cast on Oona's Comb to disperse the protection charm but failed:
    • Four seas of magic, with power beyond measure, break the enchanted and bring me the treasure
    • Suspendos Denati Venite

Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy

  • Princess Ivy's dragonflies
  • Princess Ivy's black and white magic

Sofia the First (series)

First Season

Mutato items

Ruby, Emerald, Crystal

  • "Cedric's Apprentice"
    • Turning objects into:
      1. A Ruby - Mutato Rubio
      2. An Emerald - Mutato Emeralde
      3. A Crystal - Mutato Krystallos
The word 'Mutato' can be translated into two languages, one in Italian meaning 'Changed', the other from the Latin word 'Mutare' meaning 'to change,' or, more directly, 'Mutabo,' meaning 'I change.' However, 'Rubio' in Spanish is 'Blond', unless you take the Latin word 'Rubeo' meaning 'red'. 'Krystallos' means 'Crystal' from Greek.
  • Golden Horses: Auro Equisium
    • Lizard Potion: Its content is glowing yellow liquid in a potion bottle
    • Lizard Counter Spell: Lizardo Chango
  • To make a rabbit fly: Flotilla Rabbitsa
'Flotilla' means 'a small fleet' in Spanish, which came from another Spanish word 'flotar' meaning 'to float'.
Cedric Invisibility Potion

Invisibility Potion

  • Invisibility Potion
  • "A Royal Mess"
    • To magically magnetize objects to the spell user: Petuzzi
    • A fixing magic spell cast by James: Za Prasen Za Prasu, free our friend and fix the window too
'Prasen' means 'To Empty' in Slovenian, and 'Prasu' means 'Please' in Lithuanian.

Sudzo came from Sudsy.

  • "Tea for Too Many"
    • Making things float up: Floaticus Haver Aboon
    • Making things float down: Floaticus Downitso
'Aboon' is a 900BC Middle English word for 'Above'.

Second Season

  • "Two Princesses and a Baby"
    • To turn someone two months younger in age: Age-itatus Prince-ipatio to two.
      • Cedric didn't say the spell right because of his allergy to dandelions, and the spell turned James into a baby.
    • To return someone back to their original age: Biggicus growamuss, This spell undoitus
    • Cedric's Crystal Ball.
  • "The Enchanted Feast"
    • Morpho Mirrors, lets the person see more than one side of them, or in this case, lets them see themselves in different clothing: Mirror Mirror in my hand, Multiply at my demand. Morpho change-o, let us see All our flights of fantasy.
      • When Cedric did the spell to show Sofia, she could see herself wearing different clothing in each mirror. But when he performs it for everyone at the Feast after Sasha/Miss Nettle messes with Cedric's wand, his mirrors started pulling and pushing him from one mirror to another like magnetizers. Luckily, once he replaced his wand, he could do the spell properly again, which allowed Sofia to trick Nettle into trying to seize her reflection, then to see Snow White in the mirror.
    • Food instantly appearing on the table: Appettizio.
    • To revert the spell: Reverso.
    • Miss Nettle's spell to remove the mirrors in the room: Mirrors mirrors on the wall, disappear for once and all.
    • Miss Nettle's spell to turn Rosy into a garden of roses to climb all over the caste: Lords of Earth and Wind and Light, bring my spell to life this night. Where this single rose here lies, an enchanted garden now will rise.
    • Crazy Crystals: Makes other magical items malfunction.
    • To remove the rose garden vines off the castle: Flora Vanisha.
  • "King for a Day"
    • Cedric's spell to have the servants move twice as fast: Holoto podrota
    • Cedric's spell to turn the abandoned house into gingerbread and so its pond to chocolate milk: Zim zowie zee, zim zowie zedd, lacto, cocoa, gingerbread
    • English Fireworks spell: Fireworks appear on high, crack and boom across the sky
    • Shrinking spell: Gigantus shrinky-dinkus
    • Door spell: Porto existo
    • Enlarging objects: Presto gigantica
  • "When You Wish Upon a Well"

Pink apple after being copied from the original apple.

  • "Sofia the Second"
    • Copying Spell, create copies of anything or anyone. However, if the spell isn't cast right, the spell will make the copy pink and the opposite of the original host: Doppler Duplicato.
      • When Sofia cast the spell on herself she created another Sofia so she can be in two places at once but she didn't realize until later on that her copy turned out to be a troublemaker.
      • The spell cannot copy the power sources of items that are shielded from harmful enchantments, such as the Amulet of Avalor, though it can duplicate powers granted.
      • Its counter-curse is Doppler Diminikin.
  • "Mystic Meadows"
    • The Family Wand
    • Frontdoorus openupigus
    • Spirits of velvet, do as I bid, and weave my father a brand new lid
    • Stop-eezi
    • Undosium
    • Takebackitus
    • Snowman conjure: Frigidium snowmanus
    • Little sun spell: Snowmanus restorato meltato
    • Reverse the spell from snowmen and snow: Winter of ice and frozen snow restorato packengo
    • Latin version of Cedric's fireworks spell: Firecrackerus explodo
  • "Princesses to the Rescue!"
    • Wu-chang's levitation
    • Wu-chang's hat spell
  • "The Emerald Key"
    • The Emerald Key of Hakalo, that unravels the passage to Hakalo, which is a hidden island kingdom.
    • Mamanu's crystal
    • Mamanu's ring - To make Leilani's bed lumpy so that she would under-sleep and lost the third challenge.
  • "Scrambled Pets"
    • Mix up potion
    • Magic dancing shoes
  • "The Princess Stays in the Picture"
    • To enter an Enchanted Painting: Point the magic paintbrush at the painting and say the words Entavo Paintavo
    • To exit an Enchanted Painting: Point the magic paintbrush outside the painting and say the words Outo Paintuvo
    • Hildegard's incorrect spell to exit an Enchanted Painting: Exito Exacto
    • To travel to another Enchanted painting: Point the magic paintbrush at the side of the painting and leap through its portal.
  • "Baileywhoops"
    • The Pin of Klutzenheimer curses anyone to colossal clumsiness who wears/touches it. Slickwell gave it to Baileywick to make him clumsy. He keeps telling him to retire so he could steal his job.
    • Greylock's palm zapper which electrifies anyone who touches it
    • Swan origami spell: Swano foldano
    • Balloons spell: Balloonium inflato. Balloonium came from Balloon and Helium. However, Greylock's balloons won't fly away high.
    • Piñata spell: Piñata-palooza
    • Carousel spell: Forces of magic far and near, make a carousel appear
      • Revolvo - to start turning the carousel around.
      • Winga-roodle-doo - The horses have wings. This is likely a pun on cock-a-doodle-doo.
      • Speediupitus - The carousel is faster.
      • Flapezio - The wings on the horses move.
      • Liftoffigus - The carousel begins to fly. This spell was used again to lift the boat to save the adults from the rocks.
      • Haltimbanco and Objectus descendo/Returno homeo - To hold a heavy magical floating object back down to the surface
  • Winter's Gift
    • Winter's ice touch
    • Glacia's spell to remove Winter's curse: Spirits of winter, heed my call, remove this ice touch once and for all
    • Glacia's spell to free Feathers and Clover from Winter's curse: All those whom this fawn have frozen shall now be set free
  • "The Leafsong Festival"
    • Removing the dragon fire spell: Magic near and magic far, cast fire of dragon into this jar
    • Forever Frost spell: Icy claws of winter, frozen fingers crossed, cover the whole kingdom in Forever Frost
  • "Substitute Cedric"
    • Disappearance spell, reverses the castings of other spells: Disappearo
    • Sticky spell: Stickflava Wallava
    • Bouncing Spell: Bouncecygliuas.
  • "In a Tizzy"
    • Tizzy and her magical spells
  • "A Tale of Two Teams"
  • "The Littlest Princess"
    • Wee Sprite Magic
  • "Sidekick Clio"
    • Spell for giving someone bird wings to fly: Parrotis tropicus flycus
    • Spell for creating a gust of wind: Windous huffiaus puffucas
    • Spell for creating a jungle: Jungle bungle primumgle

Season Three

  • "Minimus is Missing"
  • "Cedric Be Good"
    • ​Power Plucking Potion: A hard to create potion that can pluck powers directly out of the Amulet of Avalor.
    • Switching Spell: Switchresus switchroo
    • Giant Fruit Tree Spell: Super sizo orange tree, become a fruity jubilee!
    • Repair Spell: Fixitus Uptis
    • Building a whole house Spell: The time has come to end this chore. Build a house from roof to floor.
  • "Princess Adventure Club"
    • Magical Mist Creatures
  • "Minding the Manor"
    • Tilly's manor
    • Magical music box and music scrolls
    • Gargoyles
  • "The Secret Library"
  • "New Genie on the Block"
  • "The Fliegel Has Landed"
    • Eggshell Powder: Makes Chicken Appear
    • Diamond Dust + Cave Crystal Spell: Powers of the earth, above and below, conjure a pile of crystals that glows.
    • Spell to turn someone into a salamander: Commanda Salamada
    • Spell to capture a princess: Capture Princescero
    • To free someone: Letlooseum
  • "All the Sprite Moves"
    • Enchanted Garden
  • "Sofia in Elvenmoor"
    • Together Feathers: Magical golden feathers that point the way back to one another to help the holder find their way back if they get lost.
    • Elvenmoor
    • Silver Tree: a shiny tree that transports anyone to Elvenmoor. The tree must remain standing; if the tree is cut down, the door to Elvenmoor will be closed forever, and nobody can get in or out of Elvenmoor.
  • "Stormy Lani"
    • Hakalo Royal Family's nature manipulation magic.
  • "Lord of the Rink"
    • Enchanted Ice Skates
  • "The Secret Library: Olaf and the Tale of Miss Nettle"
    • To decorate with flowers: Decorot Florion
    • To cover a kingdom in flowers: Florion Plura
  • "Gone with the Wand"
    • To make a house of cards: Cardium Constructo 
    • To make Merlin Mushrooms: Fungus Amognes
    • To make a room very clean: Spickspanidio
    • To conjure an owl: Owloxcol
    • To free someone from magical binding: Comelossiem
    • To conjure a plate of cookies: Cookieossity.
    • Walk into a mirror: Use reflecting pool water in a silver bowl and sprinkle across the glass to get inside.
    • Dragonclaw Wand.
  • "Dads and Daughters Day"
    • Enchanted Animals
    • Imprint Tree: Place your hand on the trunk for a set time, the tree then makes a magical handprint that lasts forever on the tree.
  • "The Tale of the Noble Knight"
    • Ice-Fire Shield: A magical shield that can change dragon fire into ice.
  • "The Bamboo Kite"
    • Men-Saing flower: A tea brewed from this rare plant can instantly cure the Summer Sniffles.
    • Bamboost: magically elastic bamboo that a person can use to bounce great distances in a short amount of time.
    • Magical Talking Pandas: Kai
  • "Beauty is the Beast"
  • "Cauldronation Day"
    • To change into witchy clothes: Witch-a-doodle-do
    • To conjure a nice cat: Kitty-oci-tty
    • To conjure a wicked cat: Bad cat-euos
    • To light the ceremonial candles: Fire fire burning bright. Ignite the candles light for tonight.
    • To bring a scarecrow to life: Wake-upis
    • To return the scarecrow back to normal: Sleep-a-roo
    • To create the Raven Catcher Broom: Broom of speed, fast as flight Whistling thistle and bristles of hay Full of magic, full of pep and might Rise up to the broom and stick okay (Broom stick will end up crooked).
    • For a straight one finish the spell with: stick where you may
    • Indigo's spell to get rid of Sofia: Powers that be, heed what I say. Send that princess far away.
    • Lily's spell to counter Indigo's: Turn that princess right around
    • To undo the owl hex do a simple flick of the wand while saying: Wolves that howl, cats on the prowl, Bring back the witches and begone all of these owls
    • Cauldronation Potion.
    • Spell to finish the broom: I raise my voice as the potion is stirred. Complete this broom with my favorite bird.
    • Magical Photos: Hold a pose and flick the wand directly on the canvas. A photo will magically appear on it.
  • "Camp Wilderwood"
    • Enchanted Silk Weavers: Flick the spool and imagine what you want to be weaved.
    • Enchanted Rock Wall: Rocks will magically appear to be used as grips as you climb the wall.
  • "Elena and the Secret of Avalor"
    • Shuriki's Wand
    • To destroy/kill: Vadisima
    • To summon Zuzo: Illuminar Alacazar wayiol
    • Ritual to free Elena: Put Shuriki's wand with the Amulet of Avalor wrapped around it, on the crown of Aziluna statue.
    • To free Francisco, Luisa and Isabel from the painting: Thlacuilolli apartad, Thlacuilolli apareced, Thlacuilolli vivid
    • To summon dark clouds: Obscuras
  • "Hexley Hall"
    • Floating potion
    • Speaking potion
    • To undo a potions effect: Revers-O
    • Ice Wand Spell: Glacia Extenda
    • Spider Wand Spell: Trapzora
    • Lighting Wand Spell: Zaooezius
    • Standing Still Wand Spell: Point the wand at what you want to stop and say its name.
    • Shushers: Misty hands that can shush a person or prevent them from speaking.

Sofia the First (Games)

  • A Spell For Mr. Cedric
    • Fireworks Potions: A bottle of Dragon's Breath, 6 pieces of cave crystals, and 3 golden carrots

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