Spectrus is an expert magician who can hypnotize people to follow his orders or make them believe they are another person, or creature. He first appears in chapter 8 of "Alla ricerca della Pietra Zodiacale", written by Bruno Sarda with art of Massimo De Vita.

In Ultraheroes, he is part of the Bad-7 and seems to get along well with Zafire.


  • Alla ricerca della Pietra Zodiacale (1990)
  • Paperinik e il ritorno di Spectrus (1991)
  • Paperinik e il potere televisivo di Spectrus (1993)
  • Paperinik e l'inoffensivo Spectrus
  • Tuttopaperinik (2001)
  • Paperinik e il magico eroe (2006)
  • Ultraheroes (2008)


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