Spear Fishing is a 1953 Huey, Dewey, and Louie comic story.


The boys, who want Donald to teach them spear fishing, decide to take matters in their own hands. When Donald is sleeping, Huey takes his goggles, Dewey takes the spear, and Louie takes the floating table.

Ther aboard the table and Huey is the first to try. He dives underwater and catches a shark. The shark carries Huey away, so Louie uses ishing line to lasso a pelican and follow the shark. Dewey and Louie manage to reach Huey, who gets onboard the table while the shark leaves. However, the pelican takes Dewey and Louie flying. When the pelican dives for a fish, Dewey and Louie drop him and Huey rescues them.

A wave throws the kids to the beach where Donald is about to wake up. They leave the equipment close to him just in time. A reinvigorized Donald decides this will be the day to teach them spear fishing, but the nephews decide they prefer to rest.