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Background information
Feature films The Rescuers Down Under
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Frank Welker
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Goal To help Jake at the airport
Home Australia
Allies Jake, Bernard, Miss Bianca, Wilbur
Likes Beating Jake at checkers
Dislikes Jake falling for Bianca
Powers and abilities
Fate Watches the airport and waits for Jake's return

Sparky is a minor character from The Rescuers Down Under. He is a fly who works with Jake at the Australia Airport. He is voiced by Frank Welker.

Role in the film

In the movie, Sparky is a fly who works with Jake the Kangaroo mouse at the Australia Airport. He is first seen playing checkers with Jake to which he wins and Jake calls him A Wise Fly! Then they get a call over the radio from Wilbur the Albertross requesting permission to land to which Jake tells Wilbur not to because the runway isn't big enough for a bird his size, but Wilbur won't listen and decides to land to which Jake tells Sparky they have to extend the runway and need to make a drag line. After Wilbur lands Jake gets a ramp for Bernard and Bianca to get off Wilbur and when he sees Miss Bianca he becomes smitten by her to which Sparky let's out a buzz knowing what's happened to Jake. Then Wilbur realizes that he has a back pain from landing and Jake orders Sparky to watch the tower while he, Bianca, and Bernard get Wilbur to the hospital.

Sparky isn't seen after this, so it is assumed that he is still watching the tower and waiting for Jake to return from helping Bernard and Bianca.

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