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The storybook adaptation

"Space Adventure" is the 11th episode from the third season of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that originally aired on Disney Junior on September 12, 2011.


Mickey and his pals travel into space to search for intergalactic treasure.


  • Ludwig Von Drake announces the title of this episode after the opening sequence.
  • Unlike every episode in which the "Hot Dog Dance" at the end of the episode is done at the clubhouse, this one is done on Planet Mickey... with Martian Mickey delivering Earth Mickey's "thanks for stopping by" closing line. This is also the first time Quoodles joined the Hot Dog Dance without Drake joining in instead the ending looks a lot like in season two and the Alice In Wonderland special and the racing and train specials.
  • This episode was dedicated "in loving memory" to character designer Dana Landsberg, who died in 2009.
  • Quoodles debuted in this episode and is friends with Toodles in this episode.
  • Toodles has his face throughout the whole episode except the end of the theme song after flies to the screen and shows the title of the episode on screen before flying away. He is later seen in the mouse-ka-doer with is face turned on but his eyes are closed at the time sleeping. And also during the time Mickey is doing the Mouse-ka-doer song, Toodles still had his face on during this time. Unlike "Road Rally" where he turns on his face after the tools are stored into him.
  • Ludwig Von Drake was the Mission Control for the episode.



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