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Sour Bill
Background information
Feature films Wreck-It Ralph
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Rich Moore
Performance model
Designer Mike Gabriel
Eric Goldberg
Renato dos Anjos
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Cough-drop (reffered by Wreck-It Ralph (character))
Personality Gloomy, loyal, grouchy, fearful, sour, lethargic
Appearance Small green candy, large green eyes, jellybean-like hands and feet that aren't attached to his body
Occupation Vanellope's adviser
King Candy's adviser (formerly)
Alignment Bad, later good
Goal To assist the ruler of Sugar Rush
Home Sugar Rush
Allies King Candy (formerly), Vanellope von Schweetz, Wynchel and Duncan, Taffyta Muttonfudge, Sugar Rush Racers, Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix, Jr.
Enemies Wreck-It Ralph (formerly), Vanellope von Schweetz (formerly), Fix-It Felix, Jr. (formerly), King Candy
Likes Humming as he works
Dislikes His duties, being licked, game jumpers, Ralph (formerly)
Powers and abilities
Fate Gets stuck on to a giant lollipop by Ralph and later becomes Vanellope's adviser when she regains her throne
Quote "Citizens of Sugar Rush, all hail our rightful ruler, King Candy."
"Shoulda locked him up when we had the chance."
They call you Sour Bill for a reason!
―Ralph after tasting Sour Bill

Sour Bill is King Candy's diminutive majordomo in Disney's 2012 film Wreck-It Ralph. He is voiced by Rich Moore.                                                                      


Sour Bill is (or rather was) King Candy's most trusted assistant and personal adviser. Named for both his flavor and his sour disposition, Sour Bill is notably always gloomy or depressed and speaks with a deep, monotonous voice. By orders of King Candy, Sour Bill is forced to handle difficult tasks in the Sugar Rush kingdom, much to his dismay. Sour Bill was the closest one to the King during his reign, being the only other character to know about the secret codes of the game that were hidden in the castle. Bill was also the only one to know Vanellope was once a racer, and that King Candy was hiding the truth from everyone in Sugar Rush. An interesting note is that it was originally believed that Sour Bill was gloomy as a result of a strong disliking towards King Candy. However, this is not the case. Not only was he shown to be incredibly loyal to the King, albeit annoyed with some of his orders, Sour Bill continues to appear depressed even after Candy's death, as seen when he unenthusiastically announces Vanellope's royal status. This could possibly mean Sour Bill's gloomy attitude is merely part of his programming.                          

Official Disney Bio

As King Candy’s diminutive henchman, Sour Bill is often left to handle the stickier situations—but this long-faced little ball isn’t exactly happy about his depressing duties.                

Physical Appearance

Sour Bill is a small, green candy ball that resembles a jawbreaker. He has large, round, green eyes characterized by their heavy lids and dark, baggy circles; this gives him a perpetually tired and worn look. His mouth is small and often frowning. Bill has small, jellybean-like arms and legs that are detatched and float independently from his body.


Sour Bill, as his name suggests, isn't exactly a bright ball of sunshine. He's gloomy, speaks in a monotone, bored, and unenthusiastic manner, and it's only during intense moments that he's more expressive in emotion. He diligently served King Candy, obviously trustworthy enough to know Candy's secrets of manipulating the codes of Sugar Rush, and seemed content to do so, apparently not interested enough to know exactly why Candy erased the memories of everyone in Sugar Rush concerning Vanellope von Schweetz nor is it known if he ever even considered doing anything about it. He does villainous acts throughout the movie, such as imprisoning Fix-It Felix, Jr., simply to ensure he doesn't cause trouble like Ralph did, but once everything is set right, he immediately praises Vanellope as the true ruler of Sugar Rush, in his own boring way.        

Role in the film

Trouble in Sugar Rush

Tumblr me6m6cxGd01qim4fgo1 1280

Sour Bill with King Candy.

In the video game kingdom of Sugar Rush, the racers of the game are preparing for the daily Random Roster Race which determines which racers will be playable for the day. Sour Bill is first seen presenting his majesty, King Candy, who rules the kingdom and acts as the host of the Random Roster Race's opening ceremony. After the racers deposited their coins, Sour Bill and King Candy notice a mysterious hooded figure depositing a coin. The figure is revealed to be Vanellope, who was banned from racing because she is said to be a glitch. The King orders his guards to capture her, but a taffy monster attacks the ceremony, distracting the guards and allowing Vanellope to escape.                          

Once apprehended by the guards, the monster is taken to King Candy's castle. Sour Bill de-taffys the monster who is revealed to be the bad guy from the game Fix-It Felix, Jr., Wreck-It Ralph. Ralph claims that the coin Vanellope deposited was actually a medal he earned from the war game Hero's Duty and that he needs it back. The King claims he's unable to return it as it was now in the game's codes. Ralph is kicked out and the King goes off to search for the glitch. Later on, when the search is a failure, Sour Bill and the king travel to a hidden part of the castle, where a secret realm containing the game's codes lie. Judging by Sour Bill's fearful expression when he and the king enter the codes, it's not a place he's very fond of.

Sour Bill holds the King using a rope as the king swims into the codes and receives Ralph's medal. Sour Bill is then left in charge while the King went out to find Ralph. During the king's absence, Sour Bill is visited by Fix-It Felix, Jr., who is searching for Ralph. Bill immediately locks Felix away in King Candy's fungeon, not wanting him to be a threat to the King like Ralph was.


Tumblr mcer6symFk1qeiuh9o7 1280

Ralph interrogating Sour Bill.

Later on, Sour Bill is out cleaning up the shattered remains of Vanellope's kart, just when he's confronted by Ralph. Ralph demands to know why Vanellope was on the game's cabinet despite the supposed fact that she's a glitch. Bill tries to flee, but is unable to evade Ralph's reach before he is caught. Ralph demands answers again, but Sour Bill refuses to cooperate. With no other choice, Ralph begins to lick Sour Bill, threatening to eat him. Horrified, Sour Bill finally confesses.

He tells him that Vanellope was a racer, until King Candy messed with her program and tried to delete her code (but couldn't). When Ralph asks about the king's motives, Sour Bill is unable to answer as the memories of everyone in the game were locked up by the King. Bill then tells Ralph that if Vanellope crosses the finish line in an official race, the game would reset and she will no longer be a glitch. Ralph then demands to know her whereabouts, and Sour Bill reveals that she's been captured and thrown in the fungeon with Fix-It Felix Jr. Bill swears that's all he knows and tearfully begs Ralph not to put him back in his 'filthy' mouth again. Ralph spares Bill and sticks him on to a giant lollipop tree.

The True Ruler of Sugar Rush


Sour Bill declaring Vanellope the rightful ruler of Sugar Rush.

Afterwards, Vanellope is freed from her prison, King Candy is defeated, and the former glitch crosses the finish line, thus resetting the game and restoring the memories of all the inhabitants, with Sour Bill finally remembering why Vanellope was King Candy's nemesis, rushing to her side and declaring her sovereign of Sugar Rush, reforming and becoming her royal adviser once again.


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  • (Talk!) "No."
  • (I'll lick you.) "You wouldn't."


  • Sour Bill's voice actor, Rich Moore, was also the director of the film, and the voice of Zangief at Bad-Anon.
  • Originally, Sour Bill was meant to have a large black, biker-like hat and gloves.
  • His name is a play on sour ball.
  • He's true to his name Sour Bill in two ways:
    • He has a sour deposition.
    • He actually tastes sour, according to Ralph.
  • With the film showing no signs of Sour Bill being a bumbler, Sour Bill proves to be one of the few competent Disney villain henchmen.
  • It is unknown how Sour Bill was aware of King Candy's crime of locking away the memories of the inhabitants, being that his memories were locked away as well. However, it is possible that King Candy had told him to prevent anyone else from becoming suspicious.
  • As seen in The Art of Wreck-It Ralph book, Sour Bill was originally meant to have limbs. Also, in some concept art, he was seen as a red candy ball as opposed to the green candy ball he is today.
  • When Sour Bill has the lollipop tree branch stuck to his head when Vanellope turns into a princess, he looks as if he's wearing a headdress worn by royal servants during the Renaissance (shown briefly in Aladdin).
  • The fact that his arms and feet are not attached to his main body could be a reference to Rayman.
  • When Ralph interrogates Sour Bill by trying to eat him, he tells him "How many licks does it take to get to your center?", a reference to the infamous Tootsie Roll Pops commercials featuring its owl mascot Mr. Owl.
  • Also, Ralph tells him, "What's going on with that candy-coated heart of darkness?", a reference to the Joseph Conrad novel Heart of Darkness.
  • Sour Bill is very similar to Eeyore as both characters are almost always gloomy, and the only other emotions they usually ever show is annoyance and fear.
  • After the scene in which King Candy enters the codes to retrieve Ralph's medal, he leaves Sour Bill in charge of the castle, proving that Sour Bill is the most powerful figure in Sugar Rush next to the ruler.

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