Sounder is a 2003 television film that originally aired on The Wonderful World of Disney on ABC on January 19, 2003. It was later seen overseas on April 25, 2008 in Hungary and June 14, 2008 in Sweden. The film was based on the 1969 young adult novel of the same name by William H. Armstrong. This film reunited two actors from the original 1972 film adaptation. In this version, Kevin Hooks directed and Paul Winfield played the role of the teacher. They played respectively father and son in the original 1972 film adaptation version.


This is a coming-of-age story of a boy living in the Depression era of the South. "Boy" (Daniel Lee Robertson III) learns the hard way about the realities of being black, poor and unable to read. But he also learns about the deep love of family, the long-suffering loyalty of a dog and the importance of words, faith, stories & truth.


  • Carl Lumbly ... The Father
  • Suzzanne Douglas ... The Mother
  • Daniel Lee Robertson III ... The Boy
  • Peter MacNeill ... Sheriff
  • Bill Lake ... Deputy
  • Paul Winfield ... The Teacher
  • Marcus Johnson ... Brother
  • Ashley Archer ... Sister
  • Joshua Watkis ... Boy (7 years old)
  • Eugene Clark ... Preacher #1
  • Neil Girvan ... Guard #1
  • Patrick Stevenson ... Guard #2
  • Lili Francks ... Sara
  • Bruce McFee ... Crew Boss
  • Conrad Coates ... Preacher #2
  • Eric Peterson ... Vet
  • Gene Mack