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Sorsha Doyle is a character from the Disney Channel series, The Evermoor Chronicles. She is an Everine-in-training, the daughter of Mayor Doyle and is in love with Seb.

Website description

Angelic faced Sorsha is the Mayor's daughter and is an Everine in training.



Media: The Evermoor Chronicles | The Thread of Fate | Evermoor High | Even More Evermoor

Characters: Tara Crossley | Seb Bailey | Bella Bailey | Jake Crossley | Sorsha Doyle | Fiona Crossley | Rob Bailey | Mayor Doyle | Aunt Bridget | Cameron Marsh | Crimson Carmichael | Esmeralda Dwyer | Ludo Carmichael | Otto | Lacie Fairburn | Cameron's mum

Locations: Evermoor | Evermoor Manor | The Beacon

Objects: Bogvine Tea | Magic Typewriter | The Golden Thread | The Tapestry | Crimson's diary

Other: Everine | Everine-in-training | The Festival of Fate | The ChoosingSorsha Doyle is a character from the 2014 Disney Channel series Evermoor. She lives in the Evermoor village) with her father, the mayor.

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