Sorry! The Disney Edition

In 2001, Sorry released a Disney version of the game. There are four groups that can be used as players..
  • Heroes: Buzz Lightyear, Peter Pan, Hercules, and Tarzan.
  • Heroines: Cinderella, Jessie, Snow White, and Ariel.
  • Animal Friends: Simba, Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, and Bambi.
  • Villains: Captain Hook, Hades, Maleficent, and Cruella De Vil.


This classic game of luck, strategy, and determination is easy to grasp for children as young as 6 years old, yet it's fun for adults and older siblings too. This Disney-themed version features classic Disney characters. By drawing cards, players move their game pieces around the board, hoping to eventually accumulate all their pieces at the final destination--home sweet home. Sorry is known as the game of "sweet revenge," since players can send each other's pawns back to the starting line, thus forcing one another to lose ground and begin all over again.