"Sorcerer in Love 2: The Sorceress' Revenge" is the forty-eighth episode of the first season of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. It premiered on January 25, 2014.


Randy and Howard follow Theresa Fowler and the rest of their classmates to a cool new club downtown only to discover that the Sorceress has returned to seek revenge on the Ninja.


Randy Cunningham has been playing Manfred Musterman in the arcade for 8 hours straight. Howard Weinerman informs him that other people are angry for waiting in line for him to finish. In order to get him away from the game as quickly as possible he joins Randy on the last level and wins, upsetting his best friend but gaining the appraisal of other gamers as well as a “Hero of the Day” sheriff star from the Greg. Randy becomes jealous and enters the NinjaNomicon seeking confirmation that he is the true hero. Its response is that a hero sacrifices all to save the day.

Exiting the arcade the two run into Theresa Fowler waiting in a line and she greets Randy until Howard interrupts her greeting by telling her that he's hero of the day. They all enter “Club Super Secret Awesome Club” together where they are awed by its content. Bucky informs them that every single person from school is there as well. Randy becomes suspicious when he smells something bad. It is soon revealed that it is all a scheme created by The Sorceress.

The Sorceress turns Flute Girl, Heidi Weinerman, and Morgan into demon dogs who begin terrorizing the students. Howard tries being the hero, but Randy knows the ninja is the only one who can save the day. He reaches for his mask, but is stopped by Theresa grabbing his hand in fear and he blushes in surprise and he compliments that she has a tight grip in grabbing his hand.

Despite being unable to put on his mask, he uses Theresa’s baton to distract the dogs, but Howard receives everyone’s admiration after directing them into the bathroom where they barricade themselves. Theresa becomes frightened and asks Randy what will they do and Randy asks Howard what will they do angrily and sarcastically. Howard leads the group through a door marked “Exit” into a system of caves. When Howard found the exit, Randy and Theresa smile at each other romantically until Bucky grabs Randy's other hand.

In the cave, Randy declares that he has no faith in Howard which makes Bucky let go of his hand and after some convincing he manages to get Theresa to follow his friend as well but Theresa sadly replies "really" but Randy says that he'll be behind her. Finally free, he tries to put on his mask but only to be pushed by Bash and ran over by the others.Then he finally puts on his mask and battles the three demon dogs. After a tough battle the dogs manage to drive him deeper into the cave system where he finds the Sorceress who scares the dogs away opening a portal to the Land of Shadows.

While fighting, the Sorceress reveals her plans and after already getting the upper hand in their fight the odds get worse for the ninja when all the students Howard was supposed to lead out end up in the cave with him and the Sorceress. Threatening the ones he is sworn to protect, the ninja realizes the Nomicon’s lesson and sacrifices it all by throwing both himself and the Sorceress into the portal. The ninja is pulled out by Howard.

Everyone starts cheering for the duo and this time Randy happily shares the adoration with his friend. Then Bash says that he will follow the ninja home, but Randy raises Howard's hand saying that this hero will lead them home. Theresa becomes worried and tells Howard and the ninja "What about Randy". Howard tells her that they will find him crying in some cave on the way out which he points this way, but Randy corrects him saying other way. Then Howard leads the annoyed and worried Theresa and the others to the the other way while the Randy stays and laughs with relief and smokebombs.


  • This episode is a sequel to "Sorcerer in Love".
  • The Sorceress makes her second appearance. She also briefly uses her Amanda form.
  • The Land of Shadows and the noodle-arms appear for the first time, as opposed to just a brief portal which was seen in the Sorcerer's flashback in "Sorcerer in Love".
  • This is the first episode where Morgan and Heidi Weinerman are stanked, albeit by the Sorceress.
  • For the second time, Randy and Theresa hold hands. The last time they did this was in "Night of the Living McFizzles".
  • Theresa has a habit of grabbing someone's hand, namely Randy's, when she's frightened.
    • She also has an abnormally strong grip that even Randy, who goes through ninja training, can't break free of.
  • This is the first time that Randy and Theresa smile at each other romantically.
  • Howard opens the NinjaNomicon to shloomp Randy in, previously doing this for Mac Antfee in "Enter the Nomicon". Howard is still the only other person seen opening the Nomicon on-screen (although Bucky did open in off-screen in "Raiders of the Lost Nomicon") besides Randy and the Messenger.
  • Theresa is the third person to notice Randy's absense while he's the Ninja. Bucky, afraid of getting detention, noticed in "Monster Dump", and Howard was the first to realize it in "Last Stall on the Left".
  • It is revealed that Bucky is afraid of dogs and mystery doors.
  • Many references to previous episodes are made:
    • Howard laughs at the word "duty", similar to the times he laughed at it in "Wave Slayers" and "Nukid on the Block".
    • Howard also talks about his delicate hands, which were talked about in "The Tale of the Golden Doctor's Note" and mentioned in "Ninja Camp".
    • Bucky says "Ninja no-show zing!" in the bathroom. This phrase was used a lot by Howard in "30 Seconds to Math".
    • Julian plays Theremin Hero in the club, bringing back his theremin skills that were seen in "30 Seconds to Math".
    • Randy mentions "the zone" while fighting the demon dogs, having believed he was in the zone in "Viva El Nomicon".
    • Theresa asks Randy what are they going to do as the demon dogs break the door and Randy says to Howard what are they going to do angrily and sarcastically. This dialogue was said in "Night of the Living McFizzles", except by Howard repeating Theresa's question to Randy.
    • Randy reacts with surprise when Theresa holds his hand and says "Theresa, you're holding my hand", the same thing he said when she held his hand in Night of the Living McFizzles.
  • Flute Girl, Heidi and Morgan appear after return to normal but their no line in end.
  • In the part of the episode where the Sorceress plan to trap all the Students of Norrisville High. Same as 2005 Film of Sky High.
  • In the part of the episode where Sorceress into the portal banish back to the Land of Shadows. Same as American Dragon: Jake Long episode of The Hong Kong Longs.


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