Disney World SOTMK103

Well, It's a truth.

The Sorcerer's Crest is the symbol on the back of each Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom spell card, which serves as the main weapon of the guests, although Merlin calls them "sorcerers".


The "Crest" is actually the logo for the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card game.

What Happens when the crest is used

  • The guests stop Horace & Jasper by obliterating their truck.
  • The guests stop Horace before he can kill the Dalmatians.
  • Kronk's food stand is blown up by the guests and he retreats to his kitchen.
  • When Merlin is imprisoned in a magic lamp, the crest frees him.
  • Scar's lies are exposed by zapping a tree branch that bonks him on the head.
  • Ursula's magical Ariel disguise fades away.
  • Flora and Fauna are freed from a door leading to a dungeon cell.
  • Maleficent's forest of thorns is demolished.
  • Ratcliffe's ammunition is destroyed.
  • After Dr. Facilier kidnaps Princess Tiana, the crest frees her.
  • The guests help Merlin blast open one of Hades' portals to the Underworld.
  • The guests stop Pain and Panic from climbing up the Stairway of the Dead to reach Hades by zapping them.
  • The now-reassembled Crystal of the Magic Kingdom absorbs the Crest's power and sucks in Hades, Pain, Panic and the rest of the Disney Villains inside, imprisoning them all.