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Sophie Hatter is the main character in Studio Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle. She runs the hatshop in her town. When the Witch of the Waste curses her with a spell that turns her into an old woman, Sophie goes to the Waste in search of a cure. She is voiced by Emily Mortimer as a young woman and the late Jean Simmons as an old one.


Having brown eyes and brown (later silver) hair, Sophie has a pretty smile and a blue dress with a white apron.


Having brown eyes and brown (later silver) hair, Sophie has a pretty smile and a blue dress with a white apron. In the beginning of the film, Sophie and her stepmother and sisters are all working in a hat shop as a train rolls by. Hearing the excitement over the great wizard Howl, Sophie's sisters chatter on about how Howl has the capability of eating one's heart.  After a debate and in a hurry, Sophie leaves to go visit her younger sister, Lettie. However, Sophie is walking down an alley when two guards stop to flirt with her. Happy and fun, but, a bit timid, Sophie politely declines their flirting when Howl appears. Quickly, he then takes Sophie away and tells her he's being followed. They are quickly airborne flying above the shops and parades because of the Labor Day Festival.  Then, Sophie then tells her sister that Howl unknowingly saved her without realizing it was actually Howl. Returning home that night, Sophie then closes up the shop as the Witch of the Waste appears and turns Sophie into a ninety year old woman when she refuses service to the Witch of the waste. Now, wanting to find a cure, Sophie makes her way the Wastes and finds a scarecrow who she then names Turnip Head because his head is a turnip.  Finding Howl's gigantic castle, Sophie is allowed in by Howl's fire demon, Calcifer, and meets his apprentice, Markl. Pretty soon, Howl appears and Sophie is hired as their new cleaning woman. Meanwhile, their country and the neighboring country is at war with each other. One day Sophie causes Howl to have a breakdown because she had accidentally causes him to change his hair color and Howl believes he can't live without his beauty.  But then, Madam Sullivan (How's mentor) requests his appearance and finds out Sophie's true demeanor and feelings towards him, Sophie quickly falls in love with Howl and wishes to help him. Sophie also learns that Howl transforms into a bird like creature to interfere with the war but with each transformation he becomes weaker and it becomes harder to transform into a human. Bombs and war soldiers soon get a follow on Howl's lead. He creates a bigger house for their growing family.  Days later, the war continues to grow worse and bombs and fires break out. Therefore, Howl goes out and fights while Sophie protects the castle, breaking her curse in the process, but leaving her hair silver. However, when Sophie insists that Calcifer moves the castle close to Howl the castle begins to fall apart and Sophie finds herself in a flashback of Howl's childhood. Then, she realizes that Howl bound himself to Calcifer by giving him his heart to keep him from dying (a side effect of which involved emotionally trapping him in adolescence). Returning to find Markl, Heen, Turnip Head and the Witch of the Waste (now an old hag) Sophie returns his heart to Howl and therefore Calcifer is set free. Then, when Turnip Head saves them from falling off a cliff, Sophie gives him a kiss when it is revealed to be the neighboring prince from the country in which Sophie's country is having a war with. Finally, Howl awakens and Sophie finally reveals that she loves him and that he loves her. The film ends with Howl and Sophie flying in a newly built castle and lovingly kissing.


In the book sequel, she and Howl are married and have a son named Morgan.


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