Songs from The Electric Company TV Show is a 1973 Disneyland Records album featuring Disney cover versions of The Electric Company songs.

Track listing

Side One

  1. The Electric Company Theme (Raposo)
  2. Sign Song (Gesner)
  3. My Name is Kathy (Raposo/Laron)
  4. Old Double "e" (Raposo/Laron)

Side Two

  1. Punctuation (Raposo/Laron)
  2. Easy Reader (Raposo/Laron)
  3. Hard Hard Hard (Raposo/Stevens)
  4. An "un" Song (Raposo/Stevens)


  • Produced, arranged and conducted by: Buddy Baker
  • Vocalists: Tom Bahlor, Diana Lee, Ida Sue McCune and Jerry Whitman