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Songs and Story: Mickey's Christmas Around the World is a 2011 Walt Disney Records album featuring Christmas songs sung by Mickey Mouse and the Disneyland Children's Chorus.

Track listings

  1. Mickey's Welcome - Mickey Mouse
  2. Santa's Invitation - Mickey Mouse
  3. Delivery In Norway - Mickey Mouse
  4. A Visit In Sweden - Mickey Mouse
  5. Santa Lucia - Disneyland Children's Chorus
  6. Farewell Sweden - Mickey Mouse
  7. Christmas Traditions In Germany, Italy And Austria - Mickey Mouse
  8. A Visit In France - Mickey Mouse
  9. Jeanette Isabella - Disneyland Children's Chorus
  10. Au Revoir France - Mickey Mouse
  11. Christmas Traditions In Spain And Greece - Mickey Mouse
  12. Christmas In India - Mickey Mouse
  13. We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Disneyland Children's Chorus
  14. The Traditions Of India - Mickey Mouse
  15. Christmas Traditions In China, Japan And South America - Mickey Mouse
  16. A Closer Look At Mexico - Mickey Mouse
  17. El Rorro - Disneyland Children's Chorus
  18. The Traditions Of Mexico - Mickey Mouse
  19. What A Night! - Mickey Mouse
  20. Back At Mickey's House - Mickey Mouse
  21. From All Of Us To All Of You - Disneyland Children's Chorus

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  • Ann Williams, who voiced Carmalita in the Mexico Segmants, would later become a voice actor in the Pokemon Anime under the stage name Aurora Bea, voicing florges.

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