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Somewhere in the Arctic is one of the two student films made by Andrew Stanton; the other being A Story. The short film was made at CalArts in and it was completed in 1986. This short film is featured in the Pixar Short Films Collection, Volume 2 DVD.


The scene shows a polar bear running from some eskimos. Suddenly, he stops in his tracks. The eskimos in the distance see the polar bear and start to charge at him. The polar bear then pulls out a radio from the ground and he starts tuning the radio until it plays "My Girl" by The Temptations. The music distracts the eskimos as the polar bear walks away. Realizing the trick, the eskimos yell and begin to chase the polar bear again.

Moments later, the polar bear comes into the scene and begins reading a book. As the eskimos  reach him, the bear tells them to be quiet and puts up a sign that says "LIBRARY." The eskimos read the sign and, understanding what the sign is saying, the eskimos then pull out books and start reading them. With the eskimos distracted again, the polar bear walks away with the sign. Realizing that they have been fooled again, the eskimos begin yelling and they begin chasing the polar bear yet again.

Suddenly, the bear skates across the screen. Then, from offscreen, we hear a door opening and closing and we hear descending stairs. We now see that the bear is sitting like he's at a theater. When the eskimos get confused over where the bear is, one of them spots the bear and he begins walking closer to the screen. When the bear waves at them, the eskimos then begin going down the same stairs the bear took. After running back and forth multiple times, the bear and the eskimos run back up the stairs.

We see the bear standing normalily, but it turns out that the eskimos have shrunk in size. Realizing how big the bear is, the eskimos run away in terror. The bear then walks towards the mountain background and hops behind it. It turns out that the mountains are actually a car. The bear then puts on some goggles and zips off.

"My Girl" plays again over the credits.


  • This student film was made in the year Pixar Animation Studios was found.
  • According to Andrew Stanton, he doesn't remember the inspiration for Somewhere in the Arctic.
  • This short film was entered in a film festival. It was next to one of John Lasseter's student films and that is how the two of them met.
  • This short film has absolutely no camera movement.
  • At the end of the credits, Andrew Stanton's middle initial is A, despite the fact that he has no middle name.


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"Somewhere in the Arctic" by Andrew Stanton