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"Something Better" is a song from Muppet Treasure Island. It is sung by Jim Hawkins (with Kevin Bishop's prerecorded vocals), and his self-played friends Gonzo and Rizzo about Jim's lament on his life at the inn and his wish to leave for an adventure.


(P.S. The lyrics in brackets [] are the ones that were not used in the film, but on the soundtrack)

[Jim: I wake up each day and wonder what for.
It seems to me there must be something more:
Something more than stacks of dishes
And washing this old floor
If I had my pick-up wishes,
I'd wish me out that door.
'Cause I'm hungry for adventure,
And I'm fed up with this grind.
If I don't have some excitement soon,
I'm gonna lose my mind.
I want a life that's filled with thrills that's wild and free.
There's gotta be something better,
Something better,
There's gotta be something better than this for me.]

Jim: I look around here and I want to cry.

(Rizzo: Ah, me too.)

Jim: I feel like the world is passing me by.

(Gonzo: It is!)

Jim: And I just can't help but wonder,
Am I doomed to wash and dry?
And is it a curse I'm under
To do it till I die?

(Gonzo: Oh, I hope not.)

(Rizzo: Yeah.)

Jim: When I could be an explorer
(Gonzo: Sure you could.)
Jim: Sailing off to distant lands
(Rizzo: Well, not so fast.)
Jim: Instead of spending every afternoon
Just getting dishpan hands.
My future looks like nowhere that I want to be.

All three: There's gotta be something better
Something better

Jim: There's gotta be something better than this for me.

Gonzo: Now you're talking.
If it's weird and wild, let's go and find it.
"The crazier, the better," is what I'd say.

Rizzo:Yeah, that's true.
To tell the truth, I really wouldn't mind it.
(Gonzo: Mind what?)

Rizzo: If we found some place with ten square meals a day.

Gonzo & Jim: Let danger call my name.

Rizzo: If it does, I'm gonna hide.

Jim: I'll put my courage to the test...

Gonzo: And I'll be by your side.
(Rizzo: He'll be by your side.)

Jim: There's gotta be something better than this...
(Gonzo & Rizzo: Something more than this...)

Jim: I know that there's so much out there...

All three: To see.

Jim: And I know this life I'm living

Can't be my destiny.

All three: There's gotta be something better

Something better

Jim: There's gotta be something better than this for me...

Gonzo: And me!

Rizzo: Wait a minute, what about me?

All three: There's something better than this for you and


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