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"Someone Temporarily Yours" is a song in Adventures in Wonderland in the episode "Techno-Bunny" It is sung by Alice, telling the Queen she needs someone to take Mr. Rabbit's place while he's on vacation.


Alice: A busy, busy, busy,
busy queen just doesn’t
have the time to do every little thing,
like cooking, cleaning, and scrubbing,
I mean well, I think I have the cure.
You need somebody temporarily yours.
Just for a couple of days,
a new helper to help out in every little way.
You need a temporary hand.
You need a brand new handyman,
sweeping, dusting, trimming,
and shopping.
It makes me tired just naming everything
The Queen of Hearts: It makes me tired just listening.
Alice: You need a part-time helper.
The Queen of Hearts: You’re absolutely right.
I’ve said before I have the cure.
You need somebody temporarily yours.

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