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Someone's Waiting For You
Originally performed by
Performer(s) Shelby Flint
Films The Rescuers
Video games
Albums The Disney Collection - Volume 1 (1987 editon)/Volume 3 (1991 edition)
The Music of Disney: A Legacy in Song
Disney Timeless Classics
Preceded by Tomorrow is Another Day
Followed by

"Someone's Waiting For You" is a heart-breaking song from The Rescuers, sung as Penny (voiced by Michelle Stacy) is sad that she has never adopted. The song was nominated for an Academy Award for "Best Original Song".

This song was included on the Disney Sing-Along Songs tape, Under the Sea.


Be brave, little one
Make a wish for each sad little tear
Hold your head up though no one is near
Someone's waiting for you
Don't cry, little one
There'll be a smile where a frown use to be
You'll be part of the love that you see
Someone's waiting for you
Always keep a little prayer in your pocket
And you're sure to see the light
Soon there'll be joy and happiness
And your little world will be bright
Have faith, little one
'Til your hopes and your wishes come true
You must try to be brave, little one
Someone's waiting to love you


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