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"Some Assembly Required" is the eighth episode of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


A robbery by Mandrill is stopped by Wasp. Mandrill thinks he can defeat her, until he finds himself surrounded by the rest of the Avengers.

Later, Iron Man shows the others their new headquarters, Avengers Mansion, with living commodities, meeting room and a hangar for Quinjets, among other things. During the tour, Thor and Hulk's attitudes clash, which may make things difficult as they are the only Avengers taking permanent residence in the mansion.

That night, the Bruce Banner part of Hulk's mind tries to convince the jade giant that the Avengers don't trust him, but actually this is the Enchantress in disguise, who has magically trapped Banner in the depths of Hulk's mind. Hulk decides to leave, and Pepper tells Thor to bring him back as he's the Avengers' responsibility now.

Thor fights Hulk, who now is totally mesmerized by the Enchantress' spell, until the other Avengers arrive and help Thor. Hulk defeats them and is about to kill Wasp until the Banner part of his mind frees itself, which breaks the spell.The Hulk leaves and then Enchantress intervenes herself to defeat the Avengers, accompanied by her loyal Executioner. Hulk returns to help the Avengers, but after the villains escape, Hulk reiterates his intentions of leaving the team and jumps away.

Hulk's long jumps take him to the arctic, where is a recognizable frozen figure...


  • In the comics, Hulk also left the Avengers due to distrust shortly after their founding, but rather than a mind-controlling spell, the cause was a shapeshifting Space Ghost impostor.

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