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Images of Sofia from the series Sofia the First.

Promotional Images


Early Animation

Season One

Once Upon A Princess

Just one of the Princes

The Big Sleepover

Let the Good Times Troll

Cedric's Apprentice

A Royal Mess

Blue Ribbon Bunny

Baileywick's Day Off

The Princess Test

The Shy Princess

The Little Witch

Two to Tangu

Tri-Kingdom Picnic

Finding Clover

The Amulet of Avalor

The Amulet and the Anthem

Make Way for Miss Nettle

Tea for Too Many

Princess Butterfly

The Floating Palace

The Buttercups

Great Aunt-Venture

The Baker King

Holiday in Enchancia

Four's a Crowd

Season Two

Two Princesses and a Baby

The Enchanted Feast

The Flying Crown

Mom's the Word

Theme parks and other live appearances


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