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"So To Be One Of Us" is a song from Return to Never Land. It is sung when Peter Pan and the Lost Boys are trying to make Jane one of their group (despite the fact that "she's a girl", as it was so bluntly put by the Lost Boys). Before she can become one of them, however, she must learn the ways of the Lost Boys.


Twin 1: Well, to be one of us

Jane: Yes?

Twin 2: There are some things to know

Jane: What's that?

Slightly: (with a slight yawn) We like to dream all day

Twin 1: And then, at night, we play

Lost Boys: We swing on limbs of trees

Cubby: 'Til we wake up the bees

Lost Boys (plus Peter): These are the things we Lost Boys do!

Twin 1: We swing from rope to rope

Twin 2: We have no use for soap

Twin 1: With open mouths we chomp

Twin 2: (with slightly full mouth) On mud pies from the swamp

Lost Boys: And then we top it off

Cubby: With pudding from a trough

Lost Boys (plus Peter): These are the things we Lost Boys do!

We're rolling in dirt

And we won't change our shirts

Jane: (laughs)

Lost Boys (plus Peter): We're marching around

To see what makes a sound!

(Various animal noises)

(Instrumental interlude)

Peter (speaking): Dare ya to throw that rock!

Jane (speaking): I'll get a triple-skip!

Peter (speaking): Dare you to explore that cave!

Jane (speaking) : I'll have an overnight trip!

Peter: And if you're feeling scared

Lost Boys (plus Jane): I'll have my friends right there!

Lost Boys (plus Peter): These are the things we Lost Boys do!

(Last note is held as song concludes)


A reprise of "So To Be One Of Us", titled "Now That You're One Of Us," occurs when Jane discovers the treasure in Dead Man's Cave. The reprise is more condensed than the original song.


Lost Boys (plus Peter): Now that you're one of us
Feel free to sing to along
(Tootles finds Jane's signal whistle)
Lost Boys (plus Peter): We are so proud of you
That you can do no wrong
And we don't even care
If you pull on our hair!

Peter (speaking): These are the things that Lost Boys... (Gets cut off by Jane)

Jane (speaking): These are the things that Lost Girls...

Lost Boys (plus Peter and Jane): These are the things we!

(On the last note, Tootles blows the signal whistle)


  • During the reprise, it comes to an abrupt end when Tootles blows the signal whistle that Jane was given by Captain Hook; however, on the soundtrack, Tootles doesn't accidentally end the song early.

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