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"So You Think You Can Date?" is the fifty-second episode of The Suite Life on Deck. It premiered on July 16, 2010 and is the third episode of the third season.


A dance is coming up for the students. Having broken up, Cody and Bailey lie about having dates to the dance, so they quickly try to find a backup date to back up their lie. When London and Zack offer up misguided advice, it surprisingly works. Meanwhile, Woody is tired of Tutweiller and Moseby arguing about who should get the skydeck for the school dance, so he makes them share the skydeck. It is revealed through flashback that Mr. Moseby and Miss Tutweiler's interest in the Middle Ages and 1980s, respectively, comes from the tribulations they endured as outcasts in their youth. Through understanding, Mr. Moseby convinces Emma that they both have become successful adults and have overcome their painful pasts.


  • Doc Shaw as Marcus Little

Guest stars

  • Erin Cardillo as Emma Tutweiller, Rachael Marie as Cissy, Markus Silbiger as Josh, Matthew Timmons as Woody

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