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So This is Love
Originally performed by
Composer Mack David
Jerry Livingston
Al Hoffman
Performer(s) Cinderella (Ilene Woods)
Prince Charming (Mike Douglas)
Feature films Cinderella
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Albums The Disney Collection - Volume 1 (1987 edition)/Volume 3 (1991 edition)
Cinderella (soundtrack)
Classic Disney - Volume II
Preceded by "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo"
Followed by "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes (reprise)"
So This Is Love (from Cinderella)-001:35

So This Is Love (from Cinderella)-0

"So This is Love" is the romantic song featured in Cinderella. It was written by Mack David, Jerry Livingston, and Al Hoffman and was sung by Cinderella (Ilene Woods) and Prince Charming (Mike Douglas) as they danced at the ball.


Mmmmmm. So this love, mmmmmm. So this is love.
So this is what makes life divine. I'm all aglow, mmmmmm.
And now I know.

Prince Charming:
And now I know.

Cinderella and Prince Charming:
The key to all heaven is mine.

My heart has wings, mmmmmm, and I can fly.

Cinderella and Prince Charming:
I'll touch every star in the sky.
So this is the miracle that I've been dreaming of.


Prince Charming:

Cinderella and Prince Charming:
So this is love.

Disney On Ice Dare To Dream "So This Is Love"-002:16

Disney On Ice Dare To Dream "So This Is Love"-0

Cheetah Girls Version

The Cheetah Girls performed a cover of the song for Disneymania 5. They have a music video, but there are no clips from Cinderella in it. Among the lyrics used are some of the lyrics sung in Spanish.

Other Versions

Performer(s) Title(s) Translations(s) Language
Simone de Morais & Jorge Goulart "Isto é o Amor" "This Is the Love" Brazilian Portuguese
Нели Андреева (Neli Andreeva) & Боян Василев (Boyan Vasilev) "Любов за нас" "Love for Us" Bulgarian
Cani González & Carlos Marín Castilian Spanish
Mima Čulina & Đani Stipaničev "Sad ljubav znam" "Now I Know Love" Croatian
Štěpánka Heřmánková & Jan Ježek "Už lásku znám" Czech
Lise Ringheim & Poul Bundgaard Danish
Joke de Kruijf & Edward Reekers Dutch
Anna Kuoppamäki & Timo Ojala Finnish
Paulette Rollin & Dominique Tirmont (1950 version)
Dominique Poulain & Michel Chevalier (1991 version)
Eva-Ingeborg Scholz & Ottokar Runze "Das ist das Glück" "That's the Happiness" German
טל אמיר (Tal Amir) & איציק סיידוף (Itzik Seidoff) Hebrew
Éva Pap & János Garics "A szerelem" Hungarian
Vigdís Hrefna Pálsdóttir & Rúnar Freyr Gíslason Icelandic
Giuliana Maroni & Giuseppe Rinaldi (1950 version)
Maria Cristina Brancucci & Massimo Turci (1967 version)
富沢志満 (Tomizawa Shima) & 友竹正則 (Tomotake Masanori) (1961 version)
鈴木より子 (Yoriko Suzuki) & 風雅なおと (Kenyū Horiuchi) (1992 version)
Evangelina Elizondo & Pedro Vargas (1950 version)
Natalia Sosa & Mauricio Arroniz (1997 version)
Latin American Spanish
Edle Stray-Pedersen & Nikolay Lange-Nielsen Norwegian
Katarzyna Tatarak & Jacek Kopczyński (2nd Dub)
Weronika Bochat & Marcin Mroziński (3rd Dub)
Sandra de Castro & Bruto da Costa Portuguese
Mediana Vlad & Florin Budnaru "Acum iubesc" Romanian
Елена Галицкая (Elena Galitskaya) & Леонид Овруцкий (Leonid Ovrutskiy) Russian
Tatjana Angelini & Lauritz Falk (1950 version)
Alice Babs & Björn Forsberg (1967 version)
Tülay Uyar & Arda Aydın Turkish


  • This is the first duet sung by a Disney Princess and Prince, the second would be "Once Upon a Dream" from Sleeping Beauty, and the third would be "A Whole New World" from Aladdin.
  • The original concept for this song and a deleted song, "Dancing on a Cloud" was for Cinderella and Prince Charming to, seemingly, be dancing in the clouds, lost in each others eyes. This was changed to the current concept, since it added to the realism.


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