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Snow White
Background information
Feature films Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse
Mickey's House of Villains
The Lion King 1½
(silhouette cameo)
Short films Electric Holiday
Television programs Walt Disney anthology series
The Mouse Factory
Mickey Mouse Works
House of Mouse
A Poem Is...
Once Upon a Time
Sofia the First
Video games Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Kingdom Hearts χ
Disney Princess: Royal Adventure
Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey
Kinect Disneyland Adventures
Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion
Hidden Worlds
Disney INFINITY (townsperson)
Disney INFINITY 2.0
Park attractions Snow White's Scary Adventures
Dream Along With Mickey
World of Color
Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour
Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams
Mickey's Soundsational Parade
Main Street Electrical Parade
Snow White Grotto
Celebrate a Dreams Come True Parade
Disney Stars and Motorcars Parade
Mickey's Boo-to-You Halloween Parade
Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade
A Christmas Fantasy Parade
The Golden Mickeys
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Princess Fairytale Hall
Festival of Fantasy Parade
Parade of the Stars
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Ann Jillian (The Mouse Factory)
Sandy Duncan (Christmas in Disneyland)
Mary Jo Salerno (musical)
Ginnifer Goodwin & Bailee Madison (Once Upon a Time)
Stephanie Bennett (Descendants)
Animators Hamilton Luske
Grim Natwick
Marc Davis
Mark Henn
Sandro Cleuzo
Voice Adriana Caselotti (1937 - 1997)
Mary Kay Bergman (1989 - 1999)
Carolyn Gardner (2000 - 2010)
Melissa Disney
Katherine Von Till (2011 - present)
Performance model Marge Champion
Rachel Weisz (Disney Dream Portrait Series)
Designer Albert Hurter
Hamilton Luske
Inspiration Snow White from the fairytale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by the Brothers Grimm
Janet Gaynor[1]
Mary Pickford
Betty Boop
Honors and awards 14th Favorite Disney Heroine[2]
Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
5th place in's Top 10 Classic Disney Animated Characters
Character information
Full name
Other names Fairest one of all
Snowy (referred to by Iago; in House of Mouse)
Personality Optimistic, gentle, multitalented, influential, dreamy, occasionally carefree, motherly, comforting, protective, sweet, affectionate
Appearance Slender, pale skin, rosy cheeks, red lips, short wavy black hair, brown eyes
Occupation Princess
Scullery maid (formerly)
Alignment Good
Affiliations Disney Princesses
Goal To escape her evil stepmother and live happily ever after with her one true love (succeeded)
Home Her stepmother's castle (formerly)
Cottage of the Seven Dwarfs (briefly)
Prince's castle (currently)
Relatives The Prince (husband)
The Evil Queen (stepmother; deceased)
First King (father; deceased)
First Queen (mother; deceased)
Allies The forest animals, Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy, Sleepy, Dopey, the Prince, the Huntsman
Enemies The Evil Queen
Likes Singing, dancing, cooking, cleaning, daydreaming, forest animals, being serenaded by the Prince, kindness, happiness, helping others, the 7 Dwarfs, pies
Dislikes Grumpy's initial attitude towards her, cruelty, darkness, messes, being alone
Powers and abilities Purification toward darkness and opening (in Kingdom Hearts)
Fate Awakened from the sleeping death curse by the Prince through the use of true love's kiss, thus allowing the two to proclaim their love and ride off into the sunset
Quote "Some day my prince will come."
"People are not always what they seem. So you have to be careful"
"I'm wishing... for the one I love... to find me... today."
Lips red as the rose. Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow.
―The Magic Mirror describing Snow White

Snow White is the titular character and protagonist of Disney's first animated feature-length film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

She is a young Princess; the "Fairest of Them All," who, in her innocence, cannot see any of the evil in the world. This makes her more vulnerable to her jealous stepmother, the Queen, who wishes to be the fairest in the land; however, Snow White's inherent kindness and purity inspires her friends, the forest animals and the Seven Dwarfs, to protect her. In the film, she is both a protective mother figure and an innocent child in her relationship with the forest animals and the Seven Dwarfs.

She was orginally voiced by Adriana Caselotti.

She is the first and youngest official Disney Princess and provided the basis for later heroines such as Cinderella and Aurora.


Snow White was born into the royal family. Her mother the Queen died shortly after her birth. After some time, the King, Snow White's father, remarried a vain and cold-hearted queen. Not long after their marriage, the King, Snow's beloved father, suspiciously died, leaving the young princess an orphan.

As a young child, Snow White's vain and wicked stepmother the Evil Queen feared that one day Snow White's beauty would surpass her own. So, she dressed Snow White in rags and forced her to work as a scullery maid to try to quench her growing beauty. Each day, the Queen consulted her magic mirror asking, "Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" As long as the Mirror answered, "You are the fairest one of all," Snow White was safe from her stepmother's cruel jealousy. Snow White may have been a maid but she never complained when she worked and whenever she was sad she would always hum a tune to cheer herself up and her animal friends would visit. The people of the kingdom felt sorry for their princess when the Evil Queen made her a servant, but they could not rebel due to the Queen's power.


Oh! What a cute little chair. Why, there’s seven little chairs. Must be seven little children. And from the look of this table, seven untidy little children.
―Snow White regarding the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White is the sweetest and the most gentle of all the Disney Princesses. She's naïve, resilient, sentimental, helpful and kind, but can also be quite assertive and has the sternness of a mother; this is shown when she warns the dwarfs to wash their hands or they'll get nothing to eat, and when she scolds some of the birds after they attacked the Queen in her old hag form.

She's also shown to be quite playful, as she teased Grumpy by laughing when he hit his nose as he left to wash in a huff.

She is a dreamer and a romantic, but is willing to work hard if need be in order to earn her keep. She enjoys singing, dancing, cooking (which is thanks to her stepmother making her a scullery servant in the castle), daydreaming, and a love of animals. However, her kindness and generosity can often blind her judgment, and she's quick to break rules if it means to help someone in trouble (as seen when she helped the old crone when her animal friends started to attack her). She's always quick to rebel against anything that will go against her high moral values, such as when she let the disguised Queen enter the cottage, thinking her as a sickly, old beggar, despite the warnings from Grumpy.

Possibly because both of her parents have died, Snow White's very empathetic towards the Dwarfs when she had at first assumed that they were a group of orphaned children when she thought they had no mother or father. Snow White is well known as an optimist; even when others were rude to her, or when things looked grim, she always had a positive outlook on life.

Snow White is the most pure-hearted of the Disney Princesses; she's never mean, cruel, or stubborn, and, because of her resilience and hopeful nature, she shows a great inner strength against adversity. This makes her an example of the fact that one does not have to be physically tough to be strong.

She's coined as the Fairest Of Them All; this is because of her purity showing much more beauty than the Queen's vanity and jealousy, along with her ivory skin.

Physical Appearance

Lips red as the rose. Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow.
Magic Mirror to the Evil Queen

Snow White is a 14-year old girl often described as the "fairest in the land." The phrase "lips red as a rose, hair black as ebony, and skin white as snow", describes her most notable features, being her rosy red lips and rosy cheeks, and both her hair and skin color. She is sweet, but also shy. Being fairly short in height, Snow White also has a rather slender, flat-chested figure and dainty little feet.

Her simple signature court dress consists of a dark blue bodice with a high white collar; her short puffy sleeves are a lighter blue color than her bodice and the red cloth poking through exemplify the "slashing" design, which was very fashionable in Tudor times. It involved cutting the cloth on the outside of the outfit and pulling through another layer of cloth from underneath.

Snow White's long, shapeless skirt flows down just past her ankles and has been depicted as either bright yellow (as often shown in marketing), or light yellow (as it's shown in the film). She has a white petticoat underneath and tan pumps with yellow bows on them. Snow White's short black hair is styled in a bob and parted in the middle. She wears a red headband with a bow.


  • Expert Cook: Thanks to her work as a scullery servant in her stepmother's castle, Snow White has knowledge of cooking, which she showcased in the film. She made soup for the dwarves, and after Happy smelled it, he commented that it smelled good and attempted to try it. Then, in the deleted scene of "Music In Your Soup", the dwarfs (including Grumpy) appeared to enjoy the soup as they ate it. Snow White made a gooseberry pie for Grumpy. She can prepare other dishes such as apple dumplings and plum pudding. The details of Snow White's ability weren't focused on, but it appears she is good at it.
  • Practical skills: Snow White is able to lead the animals to help with the cleaning of the dwarfs cottage. She also makes sure that the dwarfs don't eat until they're clean. Description

Snow White is a kind and gentle princess, with lips red as a rose and skin white as snow. After she's forced to leave her castle, she befriends the lovable Seven Dwarfs and finds her one true love.

Behind the Scenes

In order to take only the actresses' voice into account, Walt Disney listened to each audition in his office while the actress performed in another room, without any knowledge of the actress' appearance or reputation. According to a later interview, most of the voices auditioned did not sound young enough. Among the many actresses rejected was Deanna Durbin. Adriana Caselotti was chosen for the voice of Snow White on September 1935 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs production timeline (DVD feature). Though eighteen when recording the voice, Caselotti made her coloraturo soprano sound younger, knowing that the character was intended to be 14 years old; however, Caselotti never informed Disney of this. In recording sessions, clarity of diction was stressed, but Caselotti found difficulty in the line, "Grumpy, I didn't know you cared"; instead of "didn't", Caselotti was only able to say "din'". After rehearsing the line many times, Disney eventually said "Oh, the heck with..." and "din'" remained in the final film.


The design and characterization of Snow White was influenced by both the heroine of traditional European romantic fairy tales and the popular Hollywood heroine. Early designs showing Snow White with blond hair suggest Eugene Grasset's depiction of the goddess of spring in Le Printemps as another influence; like Disney's Snow White, Grasset's goddess is closely connected to nature, and, as in one of Grasset's studies for the piece, Snow White entertains animals with music.

Snow White's design was supervised by Grim Natwick, an animator who had previously developed and worked on Betty Boop at the Fleischer Studio. Early designs for the character resemble Betty Boop, and some appear to be caricatures of famous actresses such as Zasu Pits; however, Snow White's appearance, like the Queen's became less and less caricatured. For example, Hamilton Luske's first design for Snow White depicted her as a slightly awkward, gangly teenager. This design could easily have been animated without the use of live-action reference, but Walt Disney had a different idea in his mind; the character ultimately was designed to be older, and more realistic-looking. In order for Snow White to better relate onscreen to the seven dwarfs, however, it was decided that her head be slightly larger than normal. The ink and paint women felt that Snow White's black hair was too unnatural and harsh, so drybrushed whisps of light grey over the top of each cell.


Marge Bell (who would later become Marge Champion) performed live-action reference for the animation of Snow White, directed by Hamilton Luske. When it was decided that Snow White should have a slightly larger head than normal, Bell was made to wear a football helmet to make her head appear larger. This was stopped after 5 minutes, as Bell found it impossible to perform ande-action reference while wearing the helmet.


The scene in which Snow White kisses Grumpy, and Grumpy's subsequent reaction, was inspired by a sketch by Albert Hurter, as was the scene in which Snow White, after being poisoned, lies in a bed surrounded by the weeping dwarfs. For the latter, Walt Disney made reference in a story meeting to a then-recent film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, suggesting that light appear to shine from her as the dwarfs and animals mourn around her. In this same story meeting, Dick Creedon suggested that the rain outside the Cottage of the Seven Dwarfs be used to suggest tears, weeping for the princess.


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Inciting the Queen's Jealousy


Snow White as a scullery maid.

The Evil Queen, jealous of her stepdaughter's beauty, forces Snow White to work as a scullery servant in her castle; even in rags and clogs, however, her beauty shines through, causing the Queen to worry that Snow White's beauty may one day surpass her own. She has such vanity that she consults her Magic Mirror every day, ordering the slave within to reveal the name of the fairest in the land. Every day the spirit says that the Queen is the fairest, and she is content, until the mirror informs her that Snow White has finally become the fairest in the land.

Outside, as Snow White works, she then tells a group of doves a secret about the well she is drawing water from and tells them it's a wishing well and then sings "I'm Wishing", attracting the attention of the Prince, who is passing by. As she sings into the well, performing a duet with her echo, she is startled as the Prince suddenly joins in. She runs indoors, and watches from a balcony as he sings "One Song". The two are immediately infatuated with each other. Watching from above is the Queen, who angrily closes the curtains of her window in jealousy.

Entering the Forest

Snow White 094

Snow White fleeing through the forest.

The Queen summons her huntsman to her and orders him to kill Snow White. The Queen asks him to bring her heart back in a special box as proof that he has succeeded in the task. The Huntsman takes Snow White to a secluded glade and, checking that no one else is present, advances on the princess as she is helping a young bird return to its parents. Snow White sees the Huntsman's shadow on the rock in front of her, turns around and screams in terror. However, the Huntsman cannot bring himself to kill her upon seeing the beauty in a princess such as herself and begs Snow White for forgiveness. He tells her of the Queen's insane jealousy and tells her to run away and never come back. She takes his advice and flees through the forest, and her fright is manifested in the plants around her; branches suddenly resemble claw-like hands, and floating logs resemble crocodiles. Overcome by terror, she eventually collapses, sobbing. As light enters the forest, the woodland creatures cautiously approach Snow White while she cries, and she befriends them. Together they sing "With A Smile And A Song".

No longer frightened, Snow White asks the animals if they know where she can stay. They lead her to the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs; she enters and finds that no one is home. Noticing that the whole cottage is a complete mess, she cleans the house, with the help of the animals. She hopes that its residents, whom she believes to be children due to the size of the furniture, will let her stay if she cleans up for them. At this point she sings "Whistle While You Work". Later that evening, she and the animals go upstairs to find seven little beds. Feeling sleepy, she falls asleep over three of them.

Meeting the Seven Dwarfs

The dwarfs cheering for Snow White's decision to stay.

The Seven Dwarfs return home from a day's work at the Dwarfs' Mine. They see light coming from the window of their cottage and smoke coming from its chimney. They enter the house, creeping around as they search for the 'monster' they believe that has invaded their home. They hear a noise (some birds from the forest, joking about) coming from upstairs, and, after an unsuccessful attempt by Dopey to chase the thing down, they enter the bedroom together. They approach the three beds that are being slept in, and are about to strike when Doc removes the bed cover to reveal Snow White sleeping.

They are all infatuated with her, but Grumpy grumbles about her unwelcome presence, waking her up. She is first startled by the dwarfs, but soon befriends them, guessing the names of Doc, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Dopey and Grumpy because their names are carved on the beds. All the dwarfs except for Grumpy agree that Snow White is welcome to stay if she does the housework for them. A noise from downstairs reminds Snow White that she has left some soup boiling. She rushes downstairs, and tells the dwarfs that it is almost ready, and that they will have time to wash. She asks the dwarfs to see their hands and, upon seeing that their hands are dirty, insists them to march straight outside and wash; otherwise, they will not get anything to eat. The dwarfs reluctantly march outside and wash while singing Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum (The Dwarfs' Washing Song). They have just finished washing themselves when Snow White calls to them that supper is ready.

After supper, the dwarfs perform "The Silly Song" for Snow White, and she dances with Dopey (who reaches her height by standing on Sneezy's shoulders).

"Some Day My Prince Will Come"

She then repays them when she sings "Some Day My Prince Will Come" as the dwarfs listen. The dwarfs then declare that Snow White will sleep upstairs, and that the dwarfs will find somewhere to sleep downstairs. Before Snow White goes to sleep, she says her prayers, blessing the seven little men for being so kind to her and wishing to make her dreams come true, as well as asking to make Grumpy like her.

At the Queen's Castle, the Queen, after being told by the Magic Mirror that Snow White still lives, descends into her laboratory and transforms into the Witch. She prepares the Poisoned Apple, one bite of which will send it's victim into the Sleeping Death, which can only be cured by 'Love's First Kiss'. Believing the dwarves will bury the princess alive, the Witch leaves the castle and proceeds towards the Dwarfs' Cottage.

The Poisoned Apple

The Witch offering the Poisoned Apple to Snow White.

The next morning, Snow White kisses each dwarf goodbye as they leave for the mine. Before Grumpy leaves (being the last one to depart), he warns her not to let anyone or anything in the house. Touched that he cares despite his negative exterior, Snow White decides to bake a pie for Grumpy with help from her animal friends. She is then startled by the appearance of the Queen, disguised as an old peddler selling apples, peering through her window. She offers Snow White the apple, but is attacked by the woodland creatures, who recognize the danger. Snow White shoos the animals away and takes the old woman inside for a drink of water. Meanwhile, the animals rush off to fetch the dwarfs.

Thankful toward Snow White for being so good to "poor old Granny," the Queen tells her that the apple (which has been poisoned) is a magic wishing apple, capable of making all of Snow White's wishes come true with a single bite. Snow White takes the apple and, before taking a bite, wishes for the Prince to carry her away to his castle, where they will live happily ever after. The Queen then persuades her to take a bite before the wish grows cold. Snow White does so and soon falls to the floor after feeling the poison's effects, which causes her to fall into a Sleeping Death. As the Queen is leaving, she is seen by the dwarfs, who chase her to a cliff, where she falls to her death to be eaten by vultures.

Love's First Kiss

Prince 17

Love's first kiss breaks the spell.

The dwarfs find Snow White and they grieve her "death" as they return home. In mourning, they hold a funeral for her at their cottage. Finding her so beautiful, even in death, they cannot find it in their hearts to bury her and instead place her in a handmade coffin carved of glass and gold.

As the time goes by, the Prince hears of this and rides to the clearing where her coffin has been placed. The dwarfs make way for the Prince to approach Snow White. He then gives the princess a kiss, a "Love's First Kiss", which breaks the curse, reviving Snow White. She wakes up and, upon seeing the Prince, extends her arms out to him as he scoops her up in her arms. The dwarfs rejoice, as the Prince carries Snow White to his horse. She kisses each dwarf goodbye before leaving with the Prince for his castle (the outline of which is shown in the clouds above), where they live happily ever after.

House of Mouse


Snow White in House of Mouse.

As with many other Disney feature animated characters, Snow White made many cameo appearances as one of the guests on House of Mouse. She is usually seen with the Seven Dwarfs. She figured prominently in the episode "Pluto Saves the Day", in which Pete dressed up as her as part of his plan to put the House staff to sleep with some magic sleeping apples that he bought from the Witch. Snow White finds out about his plot, however, and helps Pluto save the day by telling him that he needs to kiss the sleeping staff members in order to wake them up.

In "The Stolen Cartoons", she was shocked to find an apple served as her evening meal. In "Jiminy Cricket", she was indirectly advised by the episode's titular character not to take food from strangers, prompting Grumpy to grumpily snatch the poisoned apple from her hands. In "Where's Minnie?", when the lights briefly go out, Snow White responds to Chernabog's love for the dark by stating sheepishly "I don't..." as the menacing trees from the film look down upon her.

In another episode, she asks Professor von Drake when her prince will come and von Drake tells her that it would be Sunday.

She can also be seen in Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse, and in Mickey's House of Villains.

Sofia the First

Sofia and Snow White

Snow White with Sofia and Clover.

Snow White appears in the series Sofia the First, in the episode "The Enchanted Feast". Here, Snow White briefly tells the story of how a seemingly feeble old woman offering an apple turned out to be her wicked stepmother in disguise, telling Sofia to trust her instincts and that people aren't always who they seem to be; tying into Sofia's suspicious feelings toward a visiting sorceress (who is actually an evil fairy in disguise). At the end of the episode, Snow White briefly appears again in a magic morpho mirror, smiling proudly at Sofia.

She is the second princess to not have a special song for Sofia after Aurora. She is also the second princess to make a double apperance in the same episode; first in the courtyard, and second in a magic morpho mirror.


In the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Snow White makes a cameo in which she is seen helping the disguised Queen cross the street in Toontown to the Apple Shop, and later at the end of the film.

Snow White made a brief cameo appearance in the Mickey Mouse Works cartoon "Mickey's April Fools".

In The Lion King 1½, Snow White makes a silhouetted cameo at the end with the dwarfs where they make room with all the other Disney Characters to watch the film again. Her only line is "Oh, excuse me!"

Snow White appears in the animated short Electric Holiday as one of the models in Minnie Mouse's fantasy fashion show.

Snow White was also set to make an appearance in the cancelled animated short Princess Academy. In one piece of concept art, her silhouette can be seen dancing alongside Madame Upanova and Megara. In another, she is seen sailing on a boat with other heroines.

Live-action appearances

The Mouse Factory

Snow White made recurring appearances in the live-action wrap-around skits alongside the other costumed characters and celebrity guests.

In these bits, she was played by Ann Jillian.

The Muppets at Walt Disney World

In the one-hour special, The Muppets at Walt Disney World, Snow White is taking pictures with guests. Suddenly, she turns around and sees Animal and runs away from him. Animal then proceeds to chase her all around Walt Disney World; from the Magic Kingdom, to the Indiana Jones stunt show.

Even though she is being chased, Snow White is actually seen smiling while she's running from Animal, so it's implied that she perhaps enjoys being chased by him.

At the end, she is seen with Animal. It could be presumed that she's on a date with him which would question the status of her relationship with Ferdinand in the real world and in the movie.

Once Upon a Time


Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White in Once Upon a Time.

A live-action version of Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin, Bailee Madison as a young girl) is one of the central characters of the ABC series.

Before the First Curse

She is the daughter of King Leopold and the stepdaughter of the Evil Queen Regina. When she is a little girl, Regina rescues her from a runaway horse. As a result, Leopold wants to marry Regina and provide Snow with a mother after the death of her biological mother, Queen Eva. However, Snow discovers that Regina loves the stable boy and reveals this to Regina's mother, leading to his death. Regina wanted Snow dead for revealing this secret and prevent her from having true love as she was forced to marry King Leopold instead.

Years later, the Huntsman is enlisted by the Queen to kill Snow, but he spares her for her selflessness. She continues living in the forest, stealing from the nobles of the Queen's domain in the hopes of collecting enough money to move out of the realm. She meets Prince James (whose real real name is David and is under an alias) while robbing him, and she nicknames him "Prince Charming" when he captures her to regain his stolen engagement ring, which she already sold. The pair fall in love on their journey to buy back the jewels, but he returns to his fiancée. Realizing she and David can never be together, she receives from Rumplestiltskin a potion that will erase all her memories of David. Shortly after, she gets a letter from David telling her to meet him at the castle if she loves him so they can run away before he is married.

She goes to meet him, but his father King George catches her in the castle and forces her to tell David that she does not love him. She then goes to live with the seven dwarfs. David breaks off his engagement, but she drinks the potion shortly before the news reaches her. The potion changes her into a mean-spirited and cruel person, and she realizes that her anger stems from the death of her father. Snow tries to kill Regina, the person responsible for her father's death, but David takes the arrow meant for the Queen. He tells her that he would rather die than let Snow become evil, and she realizes that no one else is willing to die for her. She kisses him and regains her memory. However, the pair are again separated when George's knights capture David. She and the dwarfs then set out to rescue David. Some time later, Snow is poisoned by the Queen and Daivd kisses her and brings her back to life. They are married, but the Queen arrives at the wedding and announces that she will place a curse on everyone to destroy Snow's happiness. Snow is soon pregnant and gives birth to Emma just as the curse begins to take hold.

During the First Curse

Mary Margaret Snow White Once Upon a Time OUAT

Mary Margaret Blanchard.

In Storybrooke, she is Mary Margaret Blanchard. She is Henry's favourite teacher, and she gives Henry his book of fairy tales to instil him with hope. She also invites Emma to live with her upon realizing that Emma was thrown out of the bed and breakfast. Mary Margaret volunteers at the hospital and reads Snow White and Prince Charming's tale to the comatose David Nolan, who is really James. He wakes up, and the pair instantly fall in love, despite David's marriage to Kathryn. Mary Margaret resigns from the hospital because of the heartache she feels from being around David and tries to start a relationship with Dr. Whale. However, she develops stalker-like behavior: she knows David's daily schedule and tries to be where he is. She finally tries to avoid David, but she and David find they cannot stay away from each other and begin a secret relationship. After the affair becomes public and David's marriage breaks down, Mary Margaret is labeled a tramp and becomes an outcast. However, some of the residents reach out to her after she sells candles to help the local nunnery pay its rent.

Later, she is arrested for Kathryn's apparent murder after Mary Margaret's fingerprints are found on a box containing a human heart shortly after Kathryn's disappearance. The box is later found to be Mary Margaret's, and the heart is proven to be Kathryn's.Emma believes that Mary Margaret is being framed and asks her to wait and to trust Emma until she can be proven innocent. However, Mary Margaret finds one of Regina's skeleton keys in her cell and uses it to escape. It is later revealed that after her escape, she was captured and held captive by Jefferson. She is found by Emma, and the pair are able to escape when Mary Margaret kicks Jefferson out a window. Then Mary Margaret willingly returns to her jail cell to face her trial. When Kathryn reappears, Mary Margaret is released.

Consequently, her relationship with David becomes strained since he did not believe she was innocent. He eventually decides to leave Storybrooke when Mary Margaret does not give him a reason to stay. They are reunited when the curse is broken, and they regain their memories.

After the First Curse

The two find Emma, only for Mary Margaret to be transported with her back to the remaining Enchanted Forest through a portal, where they become allies with Mulan and Aurora. They manage to return to Storybrooke.

After Regina and her mother Cora attempt to gain power by poisoning Mr. Gold, Mary Margaret curses Cora's heart with the same candle that Cora used to kill her mother Eva and tricks Regina into placing Cora's heart back into herself, telling Regina that Cora will finally be able to truly love her daughter. Realising what she has done, Mary Margaret races back to stop Regina from killing her mother but its too late. Cora is dead and its her fault. Not being able to deal with the guilt, she pleads for Regina to kill her, but she instead taunts her showing her heart which now is growing dark.

When Henry is kidnapped and taken to Neverland, she travels with Emma, David, Regina, Mr. Gold, and Captain Hook to rescue him. Upon returning to the town with Henry, Peter Pan enacts Regina's curse again, leading Mary Margaret to be returned to the Enchanted Forest with the other inhabitants, while Emma and Henry escape to New York City.

Before the Second Curse

Storybrook characters arrive back in the Enchanted Forest due to the curse and are met by Prince Phillip and a pregnant Princess Aurora. After catching up, Snow, Charming and Regina decide to make for Regina's castle since she protected it prior to the curse. Aurora and Phillip argue about telling "her" about the returned Storybrooke characters. It is revealed that the "her" is really Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West.

Snow learns she is pregnant but discovers that Zelena wants her baby. Snow and Charming realize they must enact a new curse to return to Emma and stop Zelena. Regina explains that to do that, she would have to destroy the heart of what she loves the most. That means Henry, and is not an option; for apart from the fact that she won't sacrifice him, he is with Emma in A Land Without Magic. But Charming figures out that Snow can cast the curse and offers his heart, realizing the risk that he is taking to protect their unborn child. Before enacting the curse, Snow lovingly tells her husband: "I've loved you since the first moment I saw you," and Charming responds, "And I'll love you until my last." After they kiss goodbye, Regina proceeds to take Charming's heart and gives it to Snow, who then crushes it into the potion, while looking at Charming. Charming collapses to the ground and Snow holds his lifeless body. Zelena then appears, adding a forgetting potion to the curse so they won't remember how to defeat her, and she also adds that Snow will be too worried wondering where her husband is to worry about the witch. Then, Zelena tells Regina to pay close attention since that is "how you ruin a happy ending," before flying off on her broom. Snow realizes that when Charming said they were of one heart it could be meant literally, and so she asks Regina to split her heart in two and give half of it to Charming. At first Regina hesitates, as there is no guarantee that Snow will survive, but Snow convinces her to believe. Regina does as Snow asked, and seconds before the new curse consumes them, Charming is brought back to life.

During the Second Curse

A year later, Emma returns to Storybrooke, learning her mother is pregnant. Snow, David and the rest of Storybrooke have no memories of what happened in the past year in the Enchanted Forest. Zelena poses as a mid-wife for Snow, plotting to steal the baby. When it is revealed who she is, Regina realises that they need to find out more information about her so performs a seance to summon the ghost of her dead mother Cora - who Mary Margaret killed. They to try to contact Cora from the dead, but after seeing a gust of wind blowing in, Regina comes to the conclusion that Cora is trying to keep the secrets buried with her. But just as Mary Margaret tries to finally cheer up Regina and finally bond, the two are unaware that the spirit of Cora is in the house. Cora's ghost arrives and easily knocks Regina aside and possesses Mary Margaret, who now sees what happened in Cora's past. Regina uses her magic to remove Cora from Mary's body and sends her back to the realm of the dead. Afterwards, Mary Margaret mumbles out the reasons behind Cora giving up Zelena. As she comes to, Belle, along with Emma, Hook, and David, enters. Then, Belle reveals why Zelena needs Regina's Heart, David's Courage and Mr. Gold's Brain: Zelena is planning to create a time-travel spell, in which Zelena is planning to go back to the past and prevent Eva from being born so Snow White would never be born, and in the process would mean that not only will Emma and Henry never exist, Regina will no longer exist as well.

Zelena later attempts to kill Henry. Regina attempts to stop her but Zelena throws her back with her power, knocking Regina out. Henry worriedly shakes Regina and calls out to her but it takes her a while to come around. Regina promises Henry that she will never let him go again and, as she kisses him on the forehead, the curse breaks as the kiss is born from true motherly love. Emma then learns from Mary Margaret that back in the Enchanted Forest, it was she, not Zelena, that cast the new curse.

After the Second Curse

Once charming baby

Mary after giving birth to her son, Neal.

Mary Margaret suddenly goes into labour. Fearing for her child, Regina and Emma put protection spells around the hospital and Mary Margaret gives birth to a son,which comes just in time for Zelena and Gold to arrive and take the baby and wastes no time at all to take out anyone that stands in her way. Zelena then freezes Mary Margaret and David and disappears with the newborn. Zelena then places the newborn in a circle along with Regina's heart, Gold's brains and David's bravery to cast her time spell, however, Emma, David, Hook and Regina stop her and she is ultimately defeated by Regina. Snow then names her boy Neal after Henry's father and Rumplestiltkin's son, Neal.

Mary Margaret later becomes the Mayor of Storybrooke. When Elsa arrives into Storybrooke looking for her sister, Margaret and David help her try to find her sister. Once Ingrid casts the spell of Shattered Sight all over Storybrooke, everyone turns into their worst selves including Snow, David and Kristoff who are all locked up within the sheriff station. She hands her baby son Neal to Emma before the spell takes effect. Once it has, Mary Margaret and Regina end up physically fighting with swords. Regina is about to kill Mary Margaret with magic when, thanks to Ingrid; the spell of shattered sight is finally broken, the shards turn into snow and Storybrooke returns to normal, including Regina and Mary Margaret, who immediately stop fighting and start laughing. Mary Margaret and David run up to Emma to hug her, while Henry runs to Regina and hugs both her and Emma. As Neal begins to wake up, David tells Mary Margaret to forget what happened under the curse, then the couple kiss.

Emma, Mary Margaret and David then arrive to a mansion in which Hook found a portal. They go to make sure Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff make it back to Arendelle through the portal door. As the they go through the portal, they thank the three, and Anna tells the them that she wanted to thank Hook and Gold, only to have David mentioned that Gold was once Rumplestiltskin, and Anna tells them that she knows of him from their past encounter; Emma discovers that Gold had been using everyone and he has not changed. As they race to the clock tower, Gold has Hook watch him put his plan into action by placing the hat into position and it is released. When Emma and Mary Margaret arrive to stop him, Gold freezes them and then attempts to crush Hook's heart, only to discover he can not crush it: Belle has the real dagger and the gauntlet glove. She uses the items to force Gold to give Hook's heart back to him and unfreeze Emma and Mary Margaret.

Upon entering the town, Cruella and Ursula meet with David and Mary Margaret, who swear the twosome into never revealing their pasts with each other in the Enchanted Forest. Ominously, Mary Margaret promises to tear out their Hearts herself if they don't comply. After they resurrect Maleficent, scared her secret will be outed she asks Regina to keep it from Emma. Her secret is that she and David are the reason Maleficent lost her child.

Printed material

Snow White ARV

An illustration of Snow White's reunion with the dwarfs in A Royal Visit.

Snow White is frequently featured in storybooks, comics, and other forms of printed media. She is also a regular character to star in a series of Disney Princess magazines.

Many stories follow the tales of Snow White's life with the prince after the events of the film. Most of which center around reuniting with the seven dwarfs, as seen in Welcome Back, Snow White and A Royal Visit.

In The Scariest One of All, Snow White managed to, obliviously, beat the Evil Queen at a Halloween party's contest for scariest costume. The story took place before the film, and gave a brief insight on the Queen's hatred towards the princess.

Kilala Princess

In the manga series of Kilala Princess, young girl Kilala and Rei, throne prince of Paradiso, fall into Snow White's world after accessing the Gate of Dreams with a magical tiara. Snow White comforts Kilala about her kidnapped friend, and later goes to confront the Queen to save them. Before she eats another poison apple, the dwarfs make it to the castle to fight the queen. After their victory, Snow White gives Kilala a ruby gem dug up by the dwarfs as a token for giving her courage.

She is last seen witnessing Kilala receive her own gem: an emerald.

Video games

Snow White appears in a few video games, usually those involving the Disney Princess franchise like Disney Princess Enchanting Storybooks. Snow also starred in her own game based on her film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Disney's Villains' Revenge

In this game, some of the Disney Villains stole the end of their stories and revamped it so that they would win. When The Evil Queen steals Snow White, she puts Snow in a deep sleep with no Prince to save her. Jiminy Cricket and the player arrive to restore the story by creating "True Love" and conjure the Prince into the story to break the spell. This is done by creating and mixing various ingredients into the Queen's cauldron. However, if the player takes too long to create the spells, the Queen will put each one of the seven dwarfs to sleep until all seven join Snow White in eternal slumber and the player has to start all over again.

As an added Easter Egg, if the player puts an alternate ingredient into the cauldron when creating True Love (carnation petals instead of rose petals), Cinderella's Prince will arrive to try the slipper on the sleeping Snow White. Surprisingly, the slipper is too big, and he leaves with a warning from Jiminy that the stories "aren't what they used to be."

Kingdom Hearts series

Snow White

Snow White makes an appearance as one of the Princesses of Heart, maidens whose hearts are devoid of darkness and are the key to opening Kingdom Hearts. Although minor in Kingdom Hearts, her backstory is explained; in her homeworld, the Dwarf Woodlands, she encountered Terra, Ventus, and Aqua during each of their separate journeys. However, when Aqua arrives, Snow White takes a bite from the poisoned apple and falls into a deep sleep. Fortunately, she is revived by the Prince, who kisses and awakens her. She departs with him as she says goodbye to the Dwarves. Unfortunately, some time after this, Snow White's world was consumed by the Heartless, while she was captured and taken to Hollow Bastion to be gathered with the other Princesses of Heart.

In Kingdom Hearts, her heart is finally extracted by Maleficent when all the other Princesses have been collected, but their hearts are eventually restored and are able to awaken. When Kingdom Hearts is sealed, Snow White's homeworld was restored and she was able to return to it.

She is voiced by Carolyn Gardner (English) and Kurumi Kobato (Japanese).

Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey

Snow White appeared as the lead character in her world. In this story, the color in Snow White's world has been eliminated, by a race of fiendish creatures. With the help of the game's heroine and the dwarfs, Snow White's land is restored. She is last seen with the dwarfs bidding a farewell to the heroine as they watch a beautiful rainbow.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures

Snow White appears in this game as a meet-and-greet character near her wishing well at Snow White Grotto in Fantasyland. One of the tasks that she gives to the player is to help find gooseberries, so she can make gooseberry pies for the Dwarfs. She also appears in the Mickey's Soundsational Parade mini-game, dancing on the princess float with Cinderella, Aurora and Belle.

Disney Parks

Snow white new look

Snow White posing for a photo at one of the Disney Parks.

Since its opening in 1955, Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs have been meetable characters at Disneyland in California and its subsequent theme parks in Florida, Japan, France, and Hong Kong.

Snow White has her own spell card known as"Snow White's House Cleaning" in the attraction Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.

For parades, Snow White can be found in SpectroMagic, Mickey's Soundsational Parade, Once Upon a Dream Parade, Main Street Electrical Parade, and many more.

Snow White is also featured aboard the Disney Cruise Line ships, available for meet-and-greets.


Snow White appears in the first act of the live nighttime spectacular Fantasmic! In the show Snow White dances with The Prince to "Some Day My Prince Will Come" during the Princess Medley. She is on her own boat with Prince Charming.

Dream Along With Mickey

In the live castle stage show in the Magic Kingdom Park, Snow White appears along with the Prince as Mickey's special guest. Snow White and other Disney Princesses help Minnie fulfill her dream of becoming a princess. Snow White and The Prince reappear in the end celebrating the defeat of Maleficent, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee.

Snow White's Scary Adventures

In the ride "Snow White's Scary Adventures", Snow White's appearances vary. In the original version ride at Disneyland (which was then simply called "Snow White's Adventures) she did not appear at all, because Walt Disney intended the riders to imagine that they were Snow White. This was also done at the original Disney World version as well. The idea did not catch on and figures of Snow White were later added. In Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland, she is glimpsed once ascending the dwarfs staircase, while she is seen twice at Paris (once on the stairs and then at the end) and even more times in Disney World (in the courtyard, running through the woods, taking the Poisoned Apple, being awoken by the Prince and then riding off into the sunset.

World of Color

Snow White appears in the finale of the nighttime show at Disney California Adventure where she is seen with her Prince.

Snow White: An Enchanting Musical

In the former stage show at Disneyland's Fantasyland Theater, Snow White plays out her same role in the film with a few differences. She remains in her work rags from the beginning of the show to when she eats the Poisoned Apple. She is changed into her signature outfit (yellow dress with blue bodice, white collar, and red-and-blue sleeves) when she's awakened by the Prince. Also she speaks to her Prince for a longer period of time when she first meets him, and her vocal range in the show has been lowered from operatic soprano to more contemporary mezzo-soprano and her personality has been altered slightly.

Disney Princess


As mentioned above, Snow White is a member of the highly popular Disney Princess franchise, as well as the first. In terms of merchandising and marketing, she's also among the most popular of the princesses.


Snow White's late 2012 formal wear "redesign" did not receive many changes.

Her short black hair now has a curly appearance with her hair bow being moved to the side of her head instead of being centered in the middle. Her formerly white petticoat is now light yellow and her entire dress has many swirly designs embroidered onto it; the dress has subtracted some length so her shoes can be seen more clearly.

Most noteworthy, her traditionally pale skin color has been brought more in line with natural skin tones.

In some new images of her redesign, her body is changed to more like a young woman.

In early redesigns, her hair was much more crimped and her sleeves were transparent.

Palace Pets

Snow White's Palace Pets are Berry, Sweetie, Muffin and Honeycake.


Differences from the source material

While there are many similarities between the Brothers Grimm's Snow White version and Disney's Snow White, there are also many differences:

  • In the fairy tale Snow White is only 7 years old when she incites the Queen's jealousy after the magic looking-glass reveals Snow White is more beautiful, even more beautiful than the stepmother queen.
  • In the first edition, it was Snow White's biological mother who wanted to kill her (although in later editions, it was changed to a stepmother like in the film.)
  • The huntsman who was ordered to do away with the girl and bring back her heart as a token for the queen lets her go after the princess begs him to spare her life and promises to never return home.
  • The wild woodland creatures in the wood never become her friends, but yet never come to harm her.
  • The cottage of the dwarfs is found in a neat state with supper ready on the table, and from which Snow White helps herself from each setting.
  • Two times the wicked queen attempts to do away with the princess, by use of ribbons to suffocate her and then with an enchanted comb to drug her, but only with the third attempt of an apple that was poisoned does it fully work out.
  • A piece of the poisoned apple gets stuck in her throat and she falls unconscious.
  • The dwarfs who saved Snow White before after her attempted two murders can't rescue her and place her in a glass and gold coffin with her name engraved on it and that she was a king's daughter.
  • Three birds come to sing for the princess, being an owl, a raven and lastly a dove.
  • Over the years Snow White grows into a beautiful woman inside the coffin. A prince happens to hear of a beautiful princess sleeping in the forest and discovers Snow White's coffin.
  • The prince buys the coffin from the dwarfs and the prince's servants carry it back to his castle. While they are proceeding they stumble over a bush and the piece of the poisoned apple flies from Snow White's throat and she recovers.
  • The stepmother queen learns that the new bride to be is more fair than she, and when attending the wedding, finds out the bride is Snow White. She is then made to dance in red-hot iron shoes until she falls down dead.
  • In some translations Snow White's name was actually Snowdrop or Snowball.


The Disney Wiki has a collection of quotes said by Snow White (character).


The Disney Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Snow White (character).


  • Snow White is the first Disney Princess, the first main character, and the first heroine of Disney's animated feature.
  • Snow White is one of the eight Disney Princesses to be of royal blood. The other ones are Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna and Elsa.
  • Snow White is one of the three Disney Princesses to have an evil stepmother. The other ones are Cinderella and Rapunzel.
  • Snow White is one of the four Disney Princesses to be an orphan. The other three are Cinderella, Anna and Elsa.
  • Snow White's the first Disney Princess to have black hair and brown eyes, the others being Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan and Tiana, however Snow White is the only Caucasian Disney Princess to have black hair and brown eyes.
    • Strangely enough, some older promotional artwork incorrectly depict her with blue eyes.
  • Snow White was the only Disney heroine to have dark hair until Belle in 1991, over half a century later (54 years).
  • Snow White had the reddest lips of all the Disney Princesses until Ariel.
  • She is one of the eight Disney Princesses to communicate with wildlife who can understand humans. The other ones are Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Tiana and Rapunzel.
  • Snow White is the youngest Princess in the official lineup, being 14 years old, and is also the shortest of the Disney Princesses. Ironically, she is the oldest Disney Princess in terms of film debuts (78 as of 2015).
    • She is technically the third youngest of the princesses overall, as Melody and Dot beat her out.
  • Snow White is the first Disney Princess to be seen wearing clogs, the second being Cinderella.
  • Snow White is one of the four Disney Princesses who performs household tasks. The other ones are Cinderella, Tiana and Rapunzel.
  • Snow White is one of the three Disney Princesses who know how to cook. The other ones are Tiana and Rapunzel.
  • Alongside Ariel and Belle, she is the only Disney Princess not to have a duet with her love interest.
  • In The Muppets at Walt Disney World, Snow White was the Disney character who had the biggest part in the story, besides Mickey Mouse.
  • On June 28, 1987, Snow White was awarded with a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Jasmine snow white

Jasmine dressed as Snow White.

  • Snow White makes a cameo appearance of sorts in Aladdin and the King of Thieves when Genie turns Jasmine into Snow White.
  • To achieve a natural skin tone for Snow White, real rouge and other make-up was applied onto the cel.
  • The development designs for Snow White ranged from cartoony to more realistic, while the final colors of the dress had before gone through several changes before settling with its current blue and gold appearance.
  • Snow White is the first Disney Princess to be tempted by the villain's offer to make her wishes come true (the others being Ariel and Tiana) and the first to actually give in (Ariel being the only other). Tiana's the only Disney Princess tempted by a villain to realize what's truly important in her film.
  • Snow White is one of the four Disney Princess to have a witch as a villain. The other ones are Aurora, Ariel and Rapunzel.
  • Snow White is the first Disney Princess currently without a sequel for her film. The other ones are Aurora, Tiana and Merida (and Rapunzel if you only think in long feature films). Though an unfinished short film, 'Snow White Returns', can be seen on the Diamond Edition DVD and Blu-ray. Snow White's film doesn't have a sequel because it is reserved as one of Disney's special films.
  • Snow White's the first Disney Heroine to be seen praying, the second being Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but is the first, and so far only, Disney Princess to be seen doing so.
  • Snow White is the first Disney Princess to run away from her love interest. Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, and Pocahontas do this as well.
  • Snow White is the first Disney Princess to sing with her respective love interest. Other ones are Aurora, Jasmine, Tiana and Rapunzel.
  • Some of Snow White's dance moves were infamously reused for that of Maid Marian's in Robin Hood.
  • According to the Disneystrology book, her birthday would be on March 6th.
  • Some older promotional media incorrectly color her dress pink and purple instead of red, blue and yellow.
  • One illustration in the book The Art of the Disney Princess depicted Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as a planetary system, with Snow White as the "sun" and the dwarfs as "planets." The latter appears to be a literal interpretation of "dwarf planet", a term coined in 2006 following the coining of an official definition of "planet" that refers to small spherical objects that are too small to be considered planets but too big and too round to be considered asteroids, and cannot "clear their neighborhood" during formation using their gravity to pull debris closer to it to make itself larger or push them away into space, leaving nothing else in its orbit except for moons. This category includes Pluto, the former ninth planet, the large asteroid Ceres, and the Trans-Neptunian objects Eris, Haumea, and Makemake..
  • Both Snow White and Rapunzel share similar dress styles as both stories were set in Bavarian Germany.
  • Snow White and Rapunzel's motherly figures were greedy of them for youth: Gothel was using Rapunzel's hair to be young and beautiful and The Queen wanted Snow White dead so she can have her title back as Fairest In the Land.
  • Snow White is the first Princess to reside in a dark castle. The second being Belle.
  • Snow White is the first Princess to feature a magic mirror in her film. The second being Belle. Unlike Belle, however, Snow White didn't use it.
  • Snow White is the only Princess with two names depicted into one. However, when you depict Snow White into one name, she is sometimes referred as Snow.
  • Snow White is one of the few human heroines who has not been seen barefoot in any of her media. The others include Alice, Eilonwy, Belle and Merida.
  • Snow White is the only Disney Princess not to show any spunky, rebellious or tough side. Cinderella has shown her rebellious side in her third film, Aurora is shown to be spunky in Follow Your Dreams. However, Snow white has shown that she can be a bit sassy, mainly with Grumpy.
  • Snow White is normally seen with Cinderella, Aurora and Jasmine more than the other Princesses.
  • Being the youngest Disney Princess, Snow White has the most child-like appearance. She does however appear somewhat older in the redesign. Also, some Snow White promotional photos promote her in an older appearance.
    • Her youth is also reflected in her design. She wears bows on her shoes and headband, which is a common child-like motif. Her skirt is yellow, a color associated with youth, happiness and childhood. Rosy cheeks is associated with youth as well.
  • Snow White is the first Disney Princess to have notably decorative shoes. Others include Cinderella and Jasmine.
  • Snow White is one of the six Disney Princesses to have a notable hair accessory, the five others being Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine and Tiana.
  • Snow White is the first Disney Princesses to wear a cape, the second one is Merida, and the third and fourth being Anna and Elsa.
  • Snow White's design was actually based on that of the Cookie Girl's from Cookie Carnival.
  • Snow White is the only official Disney Princess whose father is not seen in the film.
  • Snow White is also similar to Simba as both characters run away on the orders of Scar and Humbert respectively and run into danger (Simba is chased by Shenzi, Banzai and Ed and Snow White runs into the dark forest). Unlike Simba though Snow White runs off to escape the Queen while Simba runs away because he believes he killed his father not knowing Scar was the murderer.
  • For unknown reasons Snow White in the film wears tan tights while in books and other merchandise her legs are bare.
  • In the Hello Kitty's Furry Tail Theater episode "Snow White Kitty and the One Dwarf", Hello Kitty wears Snow White's dress.
  • In Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Calla has a similar formal dress to Snow White's dress but has white skirts and extended sleeves.

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  1. Christopher Finch, The Art Of Walt Disney, p. 66. ISBN 0810903210
  2. The Top Disney Heroes & Heroines Countdown

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