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Smoking: The Choice is Yours is a 1981 Disney educational animated short produced by Walt Disney Studios. Typically, these were shown in schools, non-commercial and residential uses only. It was produced by Reynolds Film Export and animation director, John Ewing.


This film deals with problems of self-image and peer pressure that influence people to start smoking, as seen by a cowboy named Edgar, who works as a sports director and a cowboy on the Smokey Mountain Dude Ranch Resort and feels tempted by the people there, the female balloonist, Daphne Sue Simpson, guests and staff alike such as Mrs. Hackwell, who smoke.


  • Narrator, voiced by Jack Angel
  • Edgar a.k.a. Albert, voiced by Jim Gleason
  • Daphne Sue Simpson, voiced by Cass Carroll
  • Mrs. Hackwell, voiced by Barbara Gill
  • Guests of the Smokey Mountain Dude Ranch Resort


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