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Background information
Feature films Dumbo
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Malcolm Hutton
Christian Barmen (Norwegian)
Performance model
Inspiration Lampwick from Disney's Pinocchio
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Skinny
Personality Dimwitted, arrogant, snotty, cruel,
Appearance Tall, slender, about teenaged, curly orange hair, buck-toothed, pink nose, freckles, both white beanie and shirt with lime stripes on each of them, blue jacket with red innards, blue pants with a red patch, brown shoes
Occupation Leader of the bullies
Alignment Bad
Goal To bully Dumbo (failed; due to Mrs. Jumbo)
Home Florida
Allies His fellow boy bullies
Minions Lot of kids laughing at Dumbo
Enemies Dumbo, Mrs. Jumbo
Likes Bullying Dumbo
Dislikes Being spanked by Mrs. Jumbo (but too late)
Powers and abilities His strength
Weapons His deep breath (to blow into Dumbo's left ear)
Fate Gets spanked by Mrs. Jumbo for bullying poor Dumbo.
Quote (to his gang, pointing at Dumbo) "Ain't that the funniest thing you ever saw? Look at his ears." (chuckles)
(taunting Dumbo)"Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah!"
(being spanked by Mrs. Jumbo) "Hey! Cut it out! You're hurting me!"

Smitty (also known as "Skinny") was a minor antagonist from Disney's 1941 feature film Dumbo. He was voiced by the late Malcolm Hutton.

Physical appearance

Smitty is tall, slender,  and buck-toothed with curly orange hair, pink nose, and freckles. He wears both white beanie and shirt with lime stripes on each of them, blue jacket with red innards, blue pants with a red patch on his pants, and brown shoes.


Smitty is an dimwitted and insensitive boy who delights in poking fun at Dumbo due to his large ears. He is very arrogant, calling the baby elephant "the funniest thing you ever saw", in order to look good in front of his friends, who were teasing Dumbo as well. Smitty is also very stubborn, taking his taunting too far, from flapping his jacket at Dumbo to imitate his ear-flapping to soon getting physical by yanking at his ears. It is this that provokes Dumbo's mother Mrs. Jumbo into attacking the bratty boy and driving away the other bullies to protect her son, only to be sadly misunderstood by the Ringmaster, who ordered her incarcerated only to keep her from harming visitors who weren't involved.  

Smitty is very similar in looks and behavior to Lampwick from the 1940 film Pinocchio, though Lampwick has red hair, while Smitty's is orange.



When Smitty and his gang see Dumbo, the other boys immediately start laughing at Dumbo while Smitty makes fun of his large ears and taunting him. Poor Dumbo, being just an infant, does not understand that the Brat has cruel intentions, and thinks it is a game, so he makes faces back at him. Uttering the rallying cry of the stupid- "Nyah! Nyah!" - he initially taunts Dumbo by holding up his own jacket in imitation of the little elephant's big ears. Later, after Mrs. Jumbo, Dumbo's mother, tries to hide Dumbo from the bullies, he illegally enters the pen, drags Dumbo from under Mrs. Jumbo by his tail, blows in one of his ears, and then, most sadistically of all, finds humor among his peers when he stretches one of Dumbo's ears out as far as it will go before letting it go suddenly - an agonizing trick. Mrs. Jumbo grabs Smitty as he tries to run away and spanks him and goes on a rampage. Smitty is not seen again throughout the rest of the film after getting spanked by Mrs. Jumbo. Or likely he got in big trouble.


Smitty appeared in another Dumbo book from Golden House Books. In the book, Smitty makes fun of Dumbo when the little elephant trips and falls into the mud during the parade scene. When he calls Dumbo a 'klutzy elephant' Mrs. Jumbo loses her temper and grabs the boy by the scruff of his shirt and shacks him, making his candy and hat fall off. When he cries for help, the ringmaster puts Mrs. Jumbo in solitary confinement. Later, Smitty is being made fun of by the other kids who call him a crybaby for being grabbed by an elephant. Smitty storms off both mad and sad for being bullied by his peers. But then, he meets Timothy the mouse around the tents at the circus, he gets a lecture about being a bully and how it's wrong. Timothy then tells Smitty that Mrs. Jumbo was only trying to protect her baby from him and he points to Dumbo who is all alone, being teased by the other elephants.

Realizing his mistake, and learning a lesson about bullying, Smitty goes to the Ringmaster and tells him that he made a mistake about Mrs Jumbo.

In the end, Smitty is riding on Dumbo in the parade with Mrs Jumbo behind them.



  • Smitty was the one who made Mrs. Jumbo angry and some fans considered him as a true villain of the movie.
  • Next to Lampwick, he can be assumed as one of the rudest villains for his deeds:
    • Making fun of Dumbo.
    • Irritating Mrs. Jumbo.
    • Pulling Dumbo's ears.
    • Using the Ringmaster to tie up Mrs. Jumbo.

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