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"Smart & Smarterer" is the eighteenth episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


Cody gets a good grade and Zack gets a bad grade in school and Carey threatens Zack that he will have to go to summer school if he can't keep his grades up. However, after he finds out that Bob gets more time to complete tests because he has dyslexia, Zack pretends that he has dyslexia too. Mr. Moseby loses his voice, causing havoc in the hotel. London and Maddie play chess but London keeps winning so they keep playing until Maddie wins. When she can't, London eventually lets Maddie win. Esteban helps Moseby get his voice back by giving him a special treatment and Zack is punished for being lazy and lying to his teacher and Carey about dyslexia and is forced to do extra homework as his punishment.

Guest stars

  • Charlie Stewart as Bob, Adrian R'Mante as Esteban Ramirez

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