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Small Pete is a Wasteland version of Pete, a recurring antagonist in the Disney cartoons and an enemy of Mickey Mouse. His name is a pun on "Small World," since he lives in the attraction and he is dressed like a female Dutch Small World doll; this other Pete has only appeared in Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.

In the Games

Epic Mickey

When Mickey arrives in the Wasteland, Small Pete is the first version of Pete he encounters. Small Pete has been exiled from Gremlin Village because he crashed his boat into it and was mean before, anyway. He will give Mickey the quest to find his ship's log book as proof that he didn't mean to crash his boat. He will also tell the mouse to meet him in the Colisseum with the book.

In Small Pete's happy ending, he is seen helping the Gremlins repair the village. In his sad ending, he is seen sulking in the Colosseum. Both endings are a representation of the struggles we have faced or avoided.

Epic Mickey 2

Small Pete first appears in Rainbow Falls where he is seen trying to repair the projectors. After turning on the the siphons, he is seen yelling at the heroes for turning the machine on and tells them to fix it. In Mean Street in a cutscene he shows the heroes a teeth object from the Gag Factory claiming that "someone shoved them up there (as in the projector pipes) on purpose, and that means the projectors was sabotaged. This leads our heroes to believe Gremlin Prescott sabotaged them.


  • In the beta version of the game, when Hero Mickey and Scrapper Mickey existed, Small Pete was Gremlin Village's mini-boss before the Clock Tower, having been convinced by Oswald to fight Mickey. A large zeppelin was his method of attack. The Hero path would've been to free the caged Gremlins in the area so that they could take Small Pete down, whereas the Scrapper path would've been to use the conveniently placed cannons in the area to defeat the zeppelin yourself. This battle was scrapped and replaced by the ship log quest for unknown reasons.
  • It's unknown why Small Pete dresses the way he does.
  • He can be one of the Lost Characters, if you have already earned a bad term on him.
  • Small Pete is the only Pete that appears in the game cutscenes in Epic Mickey 2, other then when Big Bad Pete questions Prescott.


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