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"Slicin' Sand" is an Elvis Presley song.

It was featured on the Disney Sing-Along Songs video Beach Party at Walt Disney World, where it was performed by Aladdin and Jasmine.

This song also appears at the beginning of Stitch! The Movie

Song Lyrics

Take off your shoes, let down your hair
Turn on the music and we'll get somewhere
Dance, dance, dance, till your toes get tan
We're gonna have us a ball on the sand
Slicin' Sand

Hug me a heat, swing me a lot
We've got a lot of ocean if it gets too hot
Whoo-oo-oo, baby take my hand
We'll have some real rockin' fun in the sand
Slicin' Sand

Come baby come
Let's dig some holes
You'll find it's heaven
With sand on your soles

Slice to the left, slice to the right
Slice down the middle, baby, hold me tight
Whoo-wee-whoo, baby, hold my hand
We'll have some real rockin' fun in the sand
Slicin' Sand

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