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Albert "Al" and Moose "Moo" Sleech are characters from Doug. They were both voiced by Eddie Korbich.[4][5][6]

Smart twin brothers, both of whom have light blue skin. Doug looks to them for help whenever needed. In the Disney series, they skip all of the middle school grades and end up going to high school, but their relationship with Doug and others are still intact. They are each shown to have a crush on Judy. The two try to hide the fact that their father is not as intelligent as them and is a hardworking doughnut baker. They respect Skeeter Valentine for his intelligence.


Al and Moo both have light yellow hair and light blue skin. They wear green-tinted glasses, orange pants and orange sneakers (Al's sneakers have a purple stripe on them while Moo's have a whitish-blue stripe). Moo wears a purple-gray polo shirt with green-and-purple flowers and Al wears a mahogany-colored polo shirt with a blue collar and sleeves.




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