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Skylar Storm
Background information
Feature films
Short films
Television programs Mighty Med
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Paris Berelc
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Skylar Storm
Other names Connecticut "Connie" Valentine (alter ego)
Personality Brave, determined

As a superhero:
Kind, Loyal, friendly
While evil:
Ruthless, tough, obedient, cunning, manipulative

Occupation The Annihilator's servant
Superhero (formerly)
High School Student
Alignment Good, later Evil
Affiliations Logan High School
Mighty Med
Goal Restore her powers (formerly)
Help the Annihilator take over the world (while evil)
Rule the universe
Home Caldera (formerly)
Pets Kakai-Rata-Hee-Haw-Mwuaak-Floopy-Pa-zoing (pet Dorenbosch)
Allies The Annihilator (master)
Kaz (friend)
Oliver (friend/possible crush)
Alan Diaz (friend)
Jordan (friend)
Gus (friend, like a pet)
Enemies The Annihilator, Megahertz, Experion
Powers and abilities
Fate Brainwashed into the Annihilator's servant

Skylar Storm is a character in the series, Mighty Med.

To the general public she is a comic book character that Kaz and Oliver like. In reality, like many comic book characters, Skylar Storm is not imaginary, but a real person. It turns out she is in the hospital because all of her powers have been taken away by the "comic book" villain, The Annihilator. She regained her powers, but has ended up as the Annihilator's evil servant.


Skylar has faced off with some of the most fearsome villains in the world. Beware to anyone who treats her as "just another pretty face"!


Skylar Storm is a "comic book" superhero who doesn't give up easily. She lost her powers because her nemesis, The Annihilator, took them away from her. Even though she has lost her powers she doesn't like to believe so. Once she tried to lift up a weight thinking that her powers would be restored but they weren't. Skylar sometimes helps Kaz and Oliver with their errands because she is bored without her powers.

Sometimes Skylar gets angry when people don't listen to her or things don't go the way she wanted to but she can be loyal and a good friend. Skylar is shown to care a lot about others, especially Oliver, and tries to do as much as she can do to help her friends.

Secret Identity

Since Skylar does not have her powers anymore, she tries to fit into the human world and asks Kaz for help. In the human world Kaz made up for her from nearby school posters the name "Connie Valentine", which she kept. In this alterego, "Connie" dresses as an average teenage girl in order to hide her true identity.

As time goes on, "Connie's" backstory gets filled from incidental incidents, mostly while trying to cover for everyone who know who she really is not always being on the same page regarding her normo cover story. Details which include:

  • Mighty Med Chief of Staff Doctor Horace Diaz poses as her father "Mr. Horace Valentine".
    • He likes to be called "Daddy" or "Pop Pop".
  • Her full name is "Connecticut Valentine".
    • Her "Father" refuses to call her "Connie", instead insisting on using her "full name".
  • She has twin younger sisters "Virginia" and "West Virginia".
  • Alan is a yet-unspecified relative.


  • X-ray Vision - She was able to see through people and objects.
  • Explosions - She was formerly able to explode people.
  • Agility and Reflexes - Currently, her abilities are restricted to fast reflexes, agility and gymnastics that make her effective in holding her own against enemies like Megahertz for a while.  
  • Heat Vision - Skylar was able to heat up objects.
  • Flight - Skylar was able to fly.
  • Reverse Time - Skylar was able to reverse time.
  • Gyrokenisis - Skylar was able to control gravity.
  • Power Over Celestrial Bodies - Skylar was able to manipulate celestrial bodies like planets and stars.


  • Skylar used to have 24 superpowers until the Annihilator zapped them away. After regaining them, she turned evil.
  • Mighty Med doesn't have the technology to restore her powers yet.
  • Skylar tried to blow up Kaz in Saving the People Who Save People.
  • She has visited Earth before.
  • The second most popular name on her planet is Emily.
  • Her alter ego is Connie Valentine.
  • She's part of the school marching band.
  • On her planet, corner means oven and when she was late she had to stand inside it.
  • On her planet, the gesture of "peek-a-boo baby" is a marriage proposal.
    • A swift roundhouse kick to the head is "no" to the proposal.
  • Gus reminds Skylar of a doringbosh, a pet from her planet.

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