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Skylar in KAR
Skylar is a character from the Disney Channel show Liv & Maddie. She is new student at Ridgewood High School, and is the crush of Joey Rooney. She made her first appearence in "Kang-A-Rooney".


Skylar was introduced in the episode Kang-A-Rooney and is shown as Joey's crush. During the episode, Joey tried to build up the courage to talk to her but in the end she talked to him because they had a lot in common. She has been seen after the episode.


Skylar first appears in Kang-A-Rooney as a new student at Ridgewood High looking for the principal's office. Maddie tells her directions to the principal's office. Skylar thanks Maddie and leaves, walking past Joey who gets an immediate crush on her. Later, she appears by Joey's locker when he is feeling down, and starts a brief conversatio with him.


  • It is possible that she returns Joey's feelings to her.

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