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The Sky High Original Soundtrack is, as the name suggests, the soundtrack album for the 2005 film Sky High. It was released on July 26, 2005, and is composed of covers of songs from the 1980s.

Track listing

# Song Performed by Originally by
1 I Melt with You Bowling for Soup Modern English
2 Through Being Cool They Might Be Giants Devo
3 Save It For Later Flashlight Brown The Beat
4 Everybody Wants To Rule The World Christian Burns Tears for Fears
5 One Thing Leads To Another Steven Strait The Fixx
6 Lies The Click Five Thompson Twins
7 Voices Carry Vitamin C 'Til Tuesday
8 Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want Elefant The Smiths
9 True Cary Brothers Spandau Ballet
10 Just What I Needed Caleigh Peters The Cars
11 Can't Stop The World Ginger Sling The Go-Go's
12 And She Was Keaton Simons Talking Heads
13 Twist And Crawl Skindred The Beat

Score album

Over a decade later, the movie's score is to released by Intrada Records on January 21, 2017.

Track listing

# Track title Runtime
1 Sky High Opening 4:48
2 Trouble Downtwon 0:46
3 Next Stop... Sky High 0:36
4 Round-Up 0:36
5 Welcome To Sky High 1:11
6 Power Placement 2:31
7 Still Looking/Stare Down 0:28
8 Lollipopless/The Secret Sanctum 3:55
9 Medulla All Blown-Uppa/I'm A Sidekick 1:41
10 Vat's An Idea!/Respect The Hat 1:14
11 Cafeteria Brawl/Proud Papa 3:34
12 Movin' On Up 0:34
13 A Friendly Wave 0:33
14 Sidekicked Out 0:52
15 Save The Citizen 4:04
16 Kiss Of Death 0:56
17 Homecoming News/Makeout Sanctum 1:28
18 Keeping Promises 0:42
19 She's Totally Into You 0:37
20 Gotta Get To Sky High 1:23
21 Pacified 3:41
22 Fighting Back 1:24
23 Royal Pain Is Monologuing 4:38
24 That Could've Been Messy 3:03
25 You Saved Sky High 1:14
26 Sky High End Credits 2:02
The Extras (Additional Cues)
27 Bus Away 0:10
28 Power Placement - Coda 0:08
29 Starting With You 0:10
30 A Friendly Wave (Alternate Take) 0:32

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